Thursday, March 21, 2013

A New Hampshire Yankee at Day One of RootsTech 2013

Our day began very early with a private bloggers tour of the Expo before the keynote speech.  We learned several very interesting facts, for example, new product announcements and the fact that the billionth indexer for Family Search might happen this weekend during the Roots Tech convention.  There are 6,800 preregistered attendees, and an additional 1900 youth who will attend the Saturday sessions.  These conference goers represent 49 states (no one from Delaware!), and over 17 foreign countries.

The keynote speakers were introduced by Shipley Munson from Family Search- Dennis Brimhall the president of Family Search, Syd Lieberman the storyteller, and D. Josh Taylor from 
I don't think I could do justice to the wonderful stories we heard from these three gentlemen, so you should tune into and hear them for your self on the archived versions of the webcast. 

For lunch we attended the New England Historic Genealogical Society presentation by David Lambert on "Tales from the Reference Desk".  If you have heard this hilarious presentation before, go again!  I heard Dave give this talk at the NERGC 2011 in Springfield, and he didn't repeat a single story, and this time the stories were even funnier.  These are comic queries David Lambert  and the staff hears from patrons at the NEHGS library or to his "Online Genealogist" column at 

Jill Ball kindly invited me to sit with her in the Expo Hall media hub, and her husband Robert tried to calm my nerves before our panel presentation!  It worked! Jill also interviewed me on video for about ten minutes in the booth, and you can see this video at her blog 

Jill Ball, Marie Dougan, Yours Truly and A.C. Ivory at the 3pm panel on technology, gadgets and genealogy
You can catch the archived version of this event at 

Jill displays her high tech travel bag which is
pickpocket proof, knife proof, and even has a pocket
which can prevent thieves from stealing your identity from
the RFD chips on your passports and credit cards.

Exhausted Genealogy Bloggers gathered to collapse 
at the Cyber Cafe at the end of Day One at RootsTech 2013.
Your Truly, Susan Kitchens, Becky Wiseman and Denise Olsen
Our day was not over, because there was a social event at the Leonardo Museum
followed by a concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  
A very long, but productive and wonderful day! 

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Thanks, Heather, for your contribution to the panel today. From the positive comments I have received I gather we went well.