Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Josiah Richardson, Litchfield, New Hampshire

These tombstones were photographed at the Litchfield, New Hampshire Presbyterian Church cemetery.

The Richardson family plot
I don't know whose tombstone fell face down....
It may be a son, Jonathan Richardson, who died in 1803

July 20, 1848
AEt 25
By death removed from .... and pains
He calmly laid his body on the grave.
His soul in heaven with .... ever reigns
Through  ... triumphant in his power to save
May 13, 1851
AET. 66

wife of
Oct. 14, 1871
AE. 83 yrs. 6 mos.
I go dear friends; yet think of me
The Richardson Genealogy:

Generation 1:  Thomas Richardson, son of Thomas Richardson, born 14 May 1543 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England, died 7 January 1634 in Westmill; married Katherine Duxford.  He is my 10th great grandfather.

Generation 2:  Ezekiel Richardson, son of Thomas Richardson, was born about 1604 in England, died 21 October 1647 in Woburn, Massachusetts.  He married Susannah Bradford.  He was my 9th great grand uncle.

Generation 3:  Theophilus Richardson, son of Ezekiel Richardson, was born 22 December 1633 in Charlestown, Massachusetts; died 28 December 1674 in Woburn, Massachusetts.  He married Mary Champney.

Generation 4:  John Richardson, son of Theophilus Richardson, was born 16 January 1667/8 in Woburn, Massachusetts, died 20 October 1749 in Woburn.  He married first Deborah Brooks, and second Lydia Pratt.

Generation 5:  Josiah Richardson, son of John Richardson and Deborah Brooks, was born 14 February 1700/1 in Woburn, Massachusetts.  He settled in Dunstable (now Litchfield, New Hampshire).  He married Phebe Unknown.

Generation 6:  Josiah Richardson, son of Josiah Richardson, was born 28 September 1729 in Dunstable, Massachusetts, died 13 May 1851 in Litchfield, New Hampshire.  He married Lucy Unknown.

Generation 7:  Josiah Richardson, son of Josiah Richardson, died 20 July 1848 in Litchfield, New Hampshire

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  1. I like the inscriptions on young Josiah's tombstone, and on Lucy's.

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