Monday, April 1, 2013

A hometown historical Society

A few months ago I wrote about the small village of Puerto Seguro, in Salamanca province of Spain, and their historical society's newsletter “Peña Rota”.   This little journal is always full of family photos, sometimes very, very old photos.  This is the village where my husband's paternal grandfather, and his ancestors had lived for centuries.  I had sent some family photos a long time ago to this town, and they are finally published in this month's “Peña Rota”.

You may remember some of these photos. I had written about the stories behind these pictures on the blog, too.  The photo labeled here as #1 is my husband's great grandfather Sebastian Garcia, his wife and children  José , Juaquin and Maria Ascencion (this is the "Tia Chon" from several blog posts last week.  You can read about it at this blog post link:

Photo #2 is Sebastian Garcia, with his children José (my husband's grandfather) and Ascencion (Tia Chon).

Photo #3 was featured at this link: 

My mother-in-law called us from Spain last week to express her surprise at seeing these photos in her copy of “Peña Rota”.   I had forgotten to tell her I had submitted the photos for publication since I had emailed them so long ago!  We had a good laugh over the phone together, and she said she was going to start calling cousins to make sure they all saw the photos, starting with the cousin standing next to her in photo #3. 

Does your hometown historical society print up similar newsletters?  Or the hometown of some of your ancestors?  This can be a valuable resource.  You are looking at page 4 of “Peña Rota” above, but take a peek below at page 5. They are asking for people to help identify the unknown subjects in this big group photo.  Having a website or newsletter allows the historical society to not only help you find photos and stories about your family, but it also allows you to help the historical identify people in photos, add to their collections, send in photos, stories and genealogies.  This is a very valuable genealogy resource.

Although the newsletter has identified most of the subjects
in this group photo, they are asking for help with some still unidentified

The Puerto Seguro, Salamanca, Spain town website

Click here to read my first blog post about Puerto Seguro's newsletter “Peña Rota”:


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  1. In all this time, I haven't thought of sending photos to my hometown historical society, because all my ancestors come from an entirely different state. Your delightful post gives me some ideas.

    I love the fact that you are researching your husband's ancestors!

    1. We started researching his family together, but little by little he is taking over the project. When we were in Salt Lake City he was looking at microfilms and books from his ancestral villages, and I was doing my own thing. He enjoyed RootsTech very much.