Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other Blog Posts from NERGC

NERGC 2013 Blog Posts (If I'm missing your post, leave me a comment or send me an email so I can add it in to this list)


A list of posts from bloggers in attendance:

Carolyn L. Barkley  “Genealogy and Family History

Diane MacLean Boumenot  “One Rhode Island Family
“At the New England Genealogy Conference”

Board for Certification of Genealogists
“On the Clock” Ribbons Seen at NERGC 2013

Pam CarterMy Maine Ancestry
“My First Genealogy Conference”

Elroy DavisGreen Mountain Genealogy
“Waiting Wednesday- NERGC 2013”
First Timers Friday – NERGC, Manchester, NH
First Timers Friday Part II- Day 2 of NERGC

“Back from NERGC 2013”

Michael LeclercMocavo Genealogy Blog
“The New England Regional Genealogical Conference”

Liz LovelandMy Adventures in Genealogy

Barbara MatthewsMassachusetts Genealogical Council Blog
“Today at NERGC 2013: Saturday, April 20th
“Today at NERGC 2013: Friday, April 19th
“Today at NERGC 2013: Thursday, April 18th

Gena Philibert OrtegaGenealogy Wise

Amanda E. PerrineAmanda’s Athenaeum

Lori Lyn Price “Bridging the Past”

Heather Rojo “Nutfield Genealogy”
“Day Three NERGC 2013, Manchester, NH”
“Day Two NERGC 2013, Manchester, NH”
“Day One NERGC 2013, Manchester, NH”
“The First Tech Day at NERGC”
“NERGC – The New England Regional Genealogy Conference”

Jennifer Shoer  “Scrappy Genealogist
“Why You Should Attend a Genealogy Conference” 

Ruth Laurie Smith and Jim Sanders  “Hidden Genealogy Nuggets
“Society Saturday: NERGC 2013 Update”
NERGC 2013- Day 2
Thankful Thursday: NERGC 2013

Lori ThorntonSmoky Mountain Family Historian
“NERGC Wrap-Up with Saturday’s Activities”
“NERGC Friday Night”
“Friday Afternoon NERGC Report”
“Friday Morning at NERGC”
“NERGC Thursday Night”
“Thursday Afternoon- NERGC”
“NERGC- Thursday Morning”

Russ Worthington "A Worthington Weblog"
NE Genea-Bloggers gathering at NERGC
Jennifer ZinckAncestor Central
“NERGC 2013 – Thursday”
“NERGC 2013- Manchester’s Mayor Visits”
“NERGC 2013 – Friday”

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