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Weird Search Terms 2013

Weird Search Terms 2013

Google                                                            My Comment

Israel ащдл painting                                         translation? (How did this land on my blog?)
Wilkinson Wilkerson Wilkison                         You forgot Wilkinsen, Wilkeson, Wilkieson, etc.
Jacob Perkins born 1604 Maine                      I don’t think so…
Balch Quakers 1500’s                                     The Society of Friends was founded in the 1640s
Alan B Sheards Dad                                        Alan B. Shepard the astronaut? Google figured it out!
Why is there a Puritan in my family tree?          Why not?
Are you my mother?                                        Probably not…

Images searched online that actually landed on my blog website ….

Lexington Battle photos                                 Really?
Photos of Puritan Ministers                            Where is that time machine?
Photo Mayflower leaving England                 Ok, who’s pulling my leg?

Questions on Google?

“who are my ansetors”                                    Unable to answer this one until it is spelled correctly
“Who is buried in Von Trapp family plot?”      Ulysses S. Grant?
“Who took the 1715 photo of Ben Franklin?” Must have been Doc Brown
Street map of Londonderry NH 1696              Check with AAA?


Hiawatha statue                                             Is the word “Hiawatha” even on my blog?
Obit judith c bosquet  Nashua                       Nope, no word “bosquet” on my blog either
billfamilyliverpooltocanada                            Google knew I have a Nova Scotia family surname BILL from this? I’m impressed!

Alan Shepard astronaut Holderness               Nope, he was from Derry.  But his grandfather was born in Holderness, NH…

This list of weird and unusual search terms is always a hit every few months, and it usually generates many
comments and emails.  Look down below for links to some of the other blog posts listing weird search terms
that have arrived on my blog statistics page. 

Most popular search terms this year:

1.  white horse                                                    Why is this my #1 search term?
2.  maris del rosario cayetana alfonsa                   Google this to see why it hits my blog so much
3.  nutfield genealogy
4.  duchess of alba                                               See #2 above
5.  how to get on genealogy roadshow
6.  thanksgiving proclamation
7. tombstone
8. villar de ciervo salmanca                                  The village where my husband's grandmother was born
9. maria von trapp
10.  1940 census

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  1. Hadn't seen your previous posts on this topic, thanks so much for this! I've been trying to understand my analytics better. Thought I just didn't 'get it'. Now I know it's not just me :-)

  2. I'm trying to figure out what an ashdl (transliteration of the Russian) is....

    1. Good for you Greta! I was assuming it was Hebrew because of the word Israel. I don't know either language...