Friday, July 4, 2014

An Historic Flag Photo for the 4th of July

This is a photo of the "Great Amoskeage Flag" of 1914, known locally as the biggest American flag record holder, a fact which has been disproven although many New Hampshire residents would not believe it. This beloved photo can be seen in many history books of Manchester and New Hampshire, and this image is from the collections at the Manchester Historical Association image number AMCGN 0626, from a glass plate negative.

This 1914 vintage photo is such a local legend that is has also been reproduced in Lego bricks as part of the minature Lego version of Manchester at the SEE museum on Bedford St. This Lego version even recreates the millworkers standing in front of the mill, and leaning out of the mill windows.

Amoskeag Corporation's No. 11 Mill is on McGregor Street in Manchester.  It was once the largest cotton mill in the world, over 900 feet long and contained over 4,000 looms.  It produced American flags, including the "Great Amoskeag Flag" of 1914 shown above. Today it houses businesses and residences.

A view of Amoskeag Mill No. 11 in Manchester's West Side, as it looks in 2014

Click here for a story by New Hampshire blogger Jan Brown about the Amoskeag Mill flag at her blog "Cow Hampshire":   

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  1. Very cool, Heather, thanks for sharing this. Hard to believe that the one shown in the bottom pic is made of Legos! A happy and safe Independence Day to you and yours!

  2. Way cool! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful historic photos.