Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wedding Serendipity in Holden, Massachusetts

On 27 February 1787, my 5th great grandparents, Stephen Cree and Hannah Smith, were married in Holden, Massachusetts. Hannah was born in Worcester on 22 May 1763, the daughter of Joseph Smith. Stephen Cree was born in Topsfield, Massachusetts on 30 October 1760.  There is no evidence that they lived in Holden, and all five of their children were born in Topsfield, where Stephen and Hannah both died.  In 1787 Holden was a new town in central Massachusetts, broken off from North Worcester, first established a few years earlier in 1741.

In 1969 my family moved to Holden from Beverly, Massachusetts. We joined the First Congregational Church, and had no idea that our ancestors were married in that same church.  My parents were very active in committees at this church, and my mother still volunteers in the thrift shop.  I had my confirmation and wedding there, my nephew was baptized at this church, and my father had his funeral here. 

This week will be our 31st wedding anniversary.  

Vincent traveled 1,600 miles from Puerto Rico to Holden, Massachusetts to marry me.  And I'm still wondering what brought my 5th great grandfather 70 miles all the way to Holden 227 years ago to find a bride.  I'm glad they did, or I wouldn't be telling you this tale!

First Congregational Church in Holden, Massachusetts

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  1. That is such a neat coincidence! Have a Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary cousin!! ;-)