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Seven to Save 2015 ~ The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance

The Honor Roll in the Hall of Flags, NH Statehouse, Concord

The tenth annual Seven to Save list from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance was announced yesterday, October 21st, at the statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire.  There was a legislative and press gathering with a ceremony, followed by a reception at 7 Eagle Square.  Each of the seven projects had a local advocate on hand to discuss the benefits of saving their project. 

The Seven to Save list helps to raise support and awareness for endangered historic places in New Hampshire.  In many cases (the estimate is that in 50 percent of the list), being placed on the Seven to Save list has saved these buildings and structures from loss, demolition or ill-planned renovations.  Locally, the First Parish Church of Derry, which was on the 2009 list, and the Upper Village Hall in Derry, on the 2006 list, have received some funding for structural renovation.  In Manchester, the Pandora Mill was on the 2006 list, and now it is a thriving community recently restored as an award winning LEED certified facility. 

Here are this year’s Seven to Save:

1. Oceanic Hotel, Isles of Shoals, Rye
2. Hall of Flags, NH Statehouse, Concord
3. Pickering House, Wolfeboro
4. Rye Town Hall
5. St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts, Berlin
6. Chandler House, Manchester
7. Lane Homestead, Stratham

Locally I am most familiar with the Hall of Flags in the statehouse and the Chandler House.  We had the NH State Curator as a luncheon speaker at one of our recent Mayflower meetings.  He described the fragility of the flags on display at the statehouse, and the possibly expensive and extensive restoration process needed to preserve them.  There are 107 (some sources state there are 87 flags) battle flags here brought back from the Civil War, and all are rapidly deteriorating.   And the Chandler House has been discussed  on several Manchester history Facebook groups, with no resolution in sight as the Manchester Catholic diocese has set a November 30th deadline for it’s possible sale before demolition.   It will be quite a project to move a 30 room Victorian house through the streets of downtown Manchester if a buyer is found!

Press release “New Seven to Save Announced” by the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance:

The 2015 Seven to Save list with photos  

This list of the Seven to Save from the Manchester Union Leader newspaper yesterday is a more complete compendium of the seven different projects:   

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance
Eagle Square
PO Box 268
Concord, NH  03302-0268
(603) 224-2281

The real estate ad for the Chandler House, Manchester, NH 

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