Monday, October 26, 2015

Would You like to contribute to the Honor Roll Project for Veteran's Day, 2015?

Veteran's Park, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Please join me in the Honor Roll Project.  Volunteers are taking photos of war memorials and honor rolls, posting them on their blogs and websites, and transcribing the names of all the people listed.  These transcriptions make the names available for search engines, and the names will be available for people searching for family, ancestors and friends.

I started this project in 2010 with the photos of the Londonderry Civil War monument, and then followed with the other war monuments on the town common, Derry’s MacGregor Park and other local honor rolls.  Other bloggers and photographers were invited to participate.  The email and comments I have read are truly inspiring, and it makes it well worth the effort to transcribe names when you read how family members found their fathers and grandfathers online, or how families searching their family trees find ancestors who served in the Civil War or World War I. 

"I never knew my ancestor was in the Civil War until I Googled his name and found it on your blog! Thanks so much for your project - Charles Chase" 13 Dec 2011

" Thank you! Aina Bernier- daughter of Ernest Albert Bernier, Jr." 27 Jan 2011

If you would like to participate this year, I will be posting a compilation post of all the participating bloggers on Veteran's Day, Tuesday, November 11th.  I will also make those posts permanently available on the page link “Honor Roll Project” above at the top of my blog home page (scroll up to the top of this page to see the link)  or go to the new website    Every November for Veteran’s / Armistice Day I publicize this project, and again in May I publicize the project for Memorial Day .   Eventually I would like to see project evolve into its own website.  (Any volunteers who would like to help with that?)

To participate, leave me a comment below or an email at   All you need to do is photograph a local honor roll or war monument, and transcribe the names.  If you have a blog, post the story, photos and transcriptions and send me the permanent link for the Honor Roll Project.  If you don’t have a blog, I can post the photo and names for you and add it to the Honor Roll Project, giving you full credit for the photography and transcription.

This is a simple way of saying “Thank You” to all the veterans in our communities- past and present. 

The Honor Roll Project Page (a new website)    


  1. Heather: I just want to let you know that I posted a contribution to your Honor Roll Project for 2015 today. It is located at


    1. Thanks so much, John! I've added you to the list of contributors for Nov. 11th, 2015, and I'm working on a new website to move all this to soon!