Friday, November 20, 2015

The Thanksgiving Plate

A while ago I bought this blue and white Staffordshire plate at Plimoth Plantation museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  I think souvenirs should be useful, as well as remembrances of trips.  This one is used at Thanksgiving, but most of the year it sits in my china cabinet. 

At the museum shop there were several similar plates. One had the Mayflower, and another had Plymouth Rock.  I liked this one because of the family crests around the edge, the Thanksgiving scene, and for the surprise on the back of the plate! 

The Standish family crest

The Howland family crest

I was surprised to find this list of the "Pilgrim Fathers" stamped on the back of the plate.  It's always fun to have a souvenir with five ancestors listed on it! Are your ancestors listed here, too? 

Of course, there is no mention of the "Pilgrim Mothers" or the children here.  So I had to buy a mug with all the other names!

If you are interested in buying a plate like this, it is still for sale at Plimoth Plantation!  Perhaps you can still get it in time for your Thanksgiving table?

Here is the link to this item at the museum shop website:

(If you poke around the website you can find the other plates and the mug I mentioned above)

DISCLAIMER-  I was not paid by Plimoth Plantation to endorse their museum shop, or reimbursed in any way. But I am a proud member.  And a descendant of eleven Mayflower passengers.

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "The Thanksgiving Plate", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 20, 2015 ( accessed [access date]).


  1. I'm a Howland and my husband is a Fuller! So cool! I wish I had one of these plates.

    1. Dznr, you can order it online or by phone from the Plimoth Plantation museum store. The link to the website is in the blog post.