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Veteran's Day 2015 ~ Honor Roll Project Contributions

Derry, New Hampshire Veteran's Honor Rolls in MacGregor Park

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the Honor Roll Project for Veteran’s Day / Remembrance Day 2015.  These volunteers spent many hours of their own time taking photos of war memorials and honor rolls, posting them on their blogs, and transcribing the names.  These transcriptions make the names available for search engines, and the names can be found by family, descendants and friends.

This project started in 2010.  Since then dozens of honor rolls have been included, and thousands of names transcribed from all across the United States, and five other countries!

Please check out the new website

Here are the new contributions:

New Haven, 9th Regiment Connecticut, Civil War by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

Kentland, Newton County World War II (Part 1)  by Deborah Ygerlehner Sweeney

Kentland, Newton County World War II (Part 2)  by Deborah Ygerlehner Sweeney


Harpswell, World War I and World War II, by Barbara Poole

Orr’s Island, World War II, by Barbara Poole
(scroll down to the end of the story about the library)


Bedford, MA, 43 Revolutionary War Soldiers, by  Barbara Poole 

Billerica, Massachusetts, World War 1 and World War II, Barbara Poole

Lexington,  the Lexington Minutemen April 19, 1775,  by Barbara Poole

Woburn, Revolutionary War Soldiers buried at Park Street Burial Ground, by Barbara Poole

New Hampshire

Merrimack, New Hampshire, World War II, Janice Webster Brown

Sutton, World War I, by June Butka

Sutton, World War II, by June Butka

Sutton, Korean War, by June Butka

Sutton, Vietnam War, by June Butka

New York

Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, from Schalene Dagutis

Cohoes (First Ward), Albany
World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam from Schalene Dagutis

Center Moriches, Suffolk County, World War I and World War II, by Jane E. Wilcox

Sand Lake, Rensselaer,
Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, from Schalene Dagutis

Villages of Kinderhook and Valatie, Columbia, New York, from Schalene Dagutis
World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam

North Carolina

 Lenoir Country World Ward Memorial Kinston by Schalene Dagutis


Layton, Veteran’s Park, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, by Dawn Fitzpatrick


Leesburg, Vietnam War, by John D. Tew

Fairfax City, by Scahlene Dagutis
First Casualty of the Civil War

And our international contributors:


Hamilton, Victoria,  Honour Board World War I and World War II, by Merron Riddiford

Stockton, New South Wales
World War I names and memorials, by Michelle Watson

A message from Australian Alex Daw
For honour rolls in the Moreton Bay Region near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia check out the History and Heritage catalogue module on the library's catalogue here  or download the Once Upon a War Time MBR WWI App from iTunes or your Play Store as per here  


Owen Sound, Ontario, International Order of Odd Fellows World War I Cenotaph, by Janet Iles
Blogger Lorine Massey reminded me of these two wonderful Canadian websites:
The Books of Remembrance, Veterans Affairs Canada (searchable)

Canadian Virtual War Memorial, Veterans Affairs Canada

Essex Great War Cenotaph and Honor Roll, Essex, Ontario, by Earline Hines Bradt


Ferschweiler, Germany,  World War I and World War II, by Cathy Meder-Dempsey

German War Memorials explained by Karen Biesfeld (blog post in English)

German War Memorial Website (in English)

United Kingdom

Wells, Somerset, England "The Last Fighting Tommy" by Polly Kimmitt 

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