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Surname Saturday ~ TAYLOR of Hampton, New Hampshire

from page 34 of the Taylor compiled genealogy book (see below)


The Taylor Memorial stone at Founder's Park in Hampton, NH

Anthony Taylor’s origins in England are unknown.  From depositions that gave his age, it is estimated that he was born about 1607.  He was a felt maker by trade, and he left England in April 1635 on board the Ann & Elizabeth for Barbados.   The shipping list names Anthony Taylor, age 26.  The first record of him in New Hampshire is in Hampton in 1639 as one of seven “Yong men that had lots” there.  His homestead was on today’s Lafayette Road near the Hampton Line.  In May 1666 he moved to a more central location near the meeting house. (See the map above).

The Taylor River was named for Anthony Taylor.  It is a tributary of the Hampton River.  Most of the Taylor River is tidal.  It forms the border of Hampton Falls and Kensington, and reaches the marsh near a dam near Interstate 95.

Anthony Taylor signed the Howard Petition in 1644 (requesting the removal of Lt. William Howard as the training officer for the local militia (NH Prov. Records 1: 165),  and the Pike Petition in 1653 (a protest to the General Court against Major Robert Pike, who was against the persecution of local Quakers).  He was a witness in a witchcraft case in 1656 against Eunice Cole  (Suffolk Court Files 26203) .

Anthony’s wife was Phillipa or Phillis.  They had five children.  Phillipa’s death is recorded in Hampton on 20 September 1683, and Anthony died on 4 November 1687 in Hampton.  I descend from his son, John Taylor, my 9th great grandfather.

Some TAYLOR resources:

Family History of Anthony Taylor of Hampton, New Hampshire, founder, pioneer, town father, and Some of his Descendants 1635 - 1935, by M. Taylor, 1935

History of Hampton, New Hampshire, 1638 – 1892, by Joseph Dow, 1893, page 989

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby and Davis, 1939, page 673.

My TAYLOR genealogy:

Generation 1:  Anthony Taylor, born about 1607 in England, died 4 November 1687 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married around 1640 to Phillipa Unknown.  She died 20 September 1683.  Five children.

Generation 2:  John Taylor, died 15 December 1712 in Hampton; married 5 December 1667 in Hampton to Deborah Godfrey, the daughter of William Godfrey and Margery Unknown.  She was born about 1645 in Hampton, and died 10 July 1699 in Hampton.  Six children.

Generation 3:  Sarah Taylor, born about 1668; married about 1688 to Peter Garland, son of John Garland and Elizabeth Philbrick.  He was born about 25 November 1659 in Hampton and died about 1704 in Rye, New Hampshire.  Sarah and Peter had five children born in Hampton.   Sarah remarried on 13 February 1708 in Hampton to Samuel Dow and had one more child.

Generation 4: John Garland m. Elizabeth Dearborn
Generation 5:  Elizabeth Garland m. Richard Locke
Generation 6: Simon Locke m. Abigail Mace
Generation 7: Richard Locke m. Margaret Welch
Generation 8: Abigail M. Locke m. George E. Batchelder
Generation 9: George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carried Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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  1. I'm with you for four generations. Then my tree branches off with Elizabeth Garland's brother, John, my 7th great-grandfather. More connections between our trees!

  2. nice picture of the Taylor Memorial stone, I hope to visit there someday.