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Tombstone Tuesday ~ John Pattee, Revolutionary War Patriot, and his wife, Mary, buried at Goffstown, New Hampshire

These tombstones were photographed at the Hillside Cemetery in Goffstown, New Hampshire

Memory of
Who died Aug. 2, 1826
AEt. 90

In Memory of
Mrs. Mary Pattee
wife of
Mr. John Pattee
Who died
Nov. 17, 1814
Aged 71 yrs

John Pattee, son of Peter Pattee and Elizabeth Scribner,  born 10 January 1737/8 in Haverhill, Massachusetts, died 2 August 1826 in Goffstown, New Hampshire; married on 6 October 1762 in Hampstead, New Hampshire to  Mary Hadley, daughter of Joseph Hadley and Hannah Flanders.  She was born 20 April 1741 in Hampstead, and died 17 November 1814 in Goffstown.   They had eleven children.

John was a resident of Salem, New Hampshire.  He was sent to settle the town of Haverhill, New Hampshire in 1761 by Captain John Hazen of Haverhill.  He removed to Goffstown in 1766, and he represented the town of Goffstown in the New Hampshire legislature in 1795 and 1797. 

John Pattee and his brother Asa were some of the Goffstown men accused of cutting down the King’s trees in the Pine Tree Riot of 1772.  He was the owner of a sawmill, and the local millers were caught with lumber bearing the King’s mark (a broad arrow). The locals ran the king’s representatives out of town, and it was one of the first tests of British royal authority preceding the American Revolution (two years before the Boston Tea Party). The pine tree flag flown by the colonists during the war was had a pine tree in the center with the lettering “An Appeal to Heaven”.

He served in the Revolutionary War answering the Lexington alarm on 19 April 1775 as a private in Capt. Richard Ayer’s 2nd Haverhill company, under Colonel Johnson’s regiment.  He was one of four Goffstown men in Capt. John Parker’s company, under Colonel Timothy Bedel’s regiment of Rangers and participated in General Montgomery’s invasion of Canada in 1775. His tombstone is marked with the letters REV in black paint, which I consider a controversial practice. 

For more information see:

Peter Pattee of Haverhill, Massachusetts: A “Journeyman Shoemaker” and his Descendants” by Marie Lollo Scalisi and Virginia M. Ryan, NEHGS Register, Volume 147 (1993), pages 83- 84.

History of Goffstown 1733 – 1920, by George Plummer Hadley, 1922, Volume 2, pages 376 – 188.

The website http://www.leesgenes.com/pattee/bible.htm has a transcription of an article from The Connecticut Nutmegger, volume 15 (1982), page 509, which is a transcription of the John Pattee Family Bible. 


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