Sunday, May 15, 2016

Judy Russell at the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists

 On Saturday, May 14th, the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists met in Manchester, New Hampshire for a business meeting, luncheon, door prizes and two workshops led by "The Legal Genealogist", Judy G. Russell.  We are a small organization from a small state, but we think big when it comes to inviting guest speakers!

Some famous faces in New Hampshire
left to right:  Judy Russell, Diane Gravel, Laura Prescott and Melinde Lutz Byrnes

Judy Russell preparing her multimedia presentation while attendees arrive. She presented an hour long talk on The ABCs of DNA, and a two hour workshop on court records. 

Would you like to join the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists?
Please see the website or contact  

New Hampshire Society of Genealogists
PO Box 2316
Concord, NH  03302-2316

The NHSOG was founded in 1978.  There are two general membership meetings each year.  The newsletter is published twice a year and the New Hampshire Genealogical Record is published quarterly.  Members have access to the online New Hampshire family register database. There are two volunteer projects, one is the NH family register database and the second is the volunteer program at the NH Vital Records research room, which enables the room to remain open to the public because we provide the research aides to staff the room.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists and can wholeheartedly recommend joining for anyone who's lucky enough to live there. Good people and great questions from the floor -- and those questions say a lot about the interest and focus of the folks who were there. They know their stuff -- and were eager to help and share!!