Friday, September 16, 2016

Mom as a baby!

My mom was born at the height of the Depression, one of two girls and seven siblings.  She grew up at 10 Roosevelt Avenue in Hamilton, Massachusetts.  These photos show her in the yard of that house as a toddler. I don't have many photos of Mom as a little girl or baby.

Mom and her brother Donny

These were found ina tiny photo album my grandmother had in her nursing home. The photos are all labeled with names so Nana could remember family members.  She was suffering from dementia.

The photo on the left is labeled "Phyllis and Barb".  Barb is Mom's only sister, and she had five brothers. 

It looks like all three of the above photos were taken at the same time.

This photo is faded, but adorable.
Mom is playing in the yard in a bathing suit.
She looks nearly the same age as the photos above.


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