Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday ~ GREGG sisters buried in Derry, New Hampshire

These tombstones were photographed at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire, section O plot 28.

To the memory of
Miss Mary Ann Daughter of
Ebenezer & Ann Gregg.
Who died Oct. 17, 1827
aged 21 years.
Fearless the alm she met the fatal blow
An left without a sigh these see us below.
A band of seraphs join'd her on the road,
And safe conveyed her to th' blest aboade.

To the memory of
who died nov. 22
aged 20 years
Daughter of 
Mr. Ebenezer & Mrs.
Ann Gregg
The year rolls round and 
               steals away 
The breath that first it gave
What are we do, where'er we be
We're travelling to the grave.

[NOTE: this is a verse from the Psalm XC, no. 188 in the Windsor Hymn Book] 

to the memory of
daughter of
Mr. Ebenezer &
Mrs. Ann Gregg.
died July 2, 1832
Aged 23 years. 
[epitaph illegible]

Ebenezer Gregg, son of John Gregg and Elizabeth Gregg, was born 24 April 1768 in Peterborough, New Hampshire, died 14 November 1836 in Derry, New Hampshire.  He married Anna Hughes January 26, 1797 in Londonderry.   She was the daughter of John Hughes of Windham, and his wife Mehitable Buzwell of Kingston.  Ebenezer was the grandson of Scots Irish immigrant brothers John Gregg (1702 – 1789) and Agnes Rankin; and Samuel Gregg (1706 – 1778) and Mary Moore.  They were the sons of Nutfield Scots Irish settlers James Gregg (1672 – 1758) and Janette Cargill.

Three daughters all died with five years of each other, all in their 20s.  One sister lived to marry and have descendants. 


1. Eliza Ann, born July 26, 1804, died November 20, 1881; married Samuel Clark.  Several children named CLARK. 

2. Mary Ann, born 1806, died October 17, 1827 in Derry

3. Hannah Jane, born 1809, died July 2, 1832 in Derry. 

4.  Margaret, born 1811, died November 22, 1831

(There may be other children for this couple, but these are all I found in the records and compiled genealogies.  Each book listed below had different children, too)


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The History of Windham in New Hampshire, by Leonard A. Morrison, 1883,  pages 596 - 597. 


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