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NERGC Conference April 26 - 29, 2017 in Springfield, Massachusetts

Dear Genealogy Community,

Between April  26 and 29, 2017 genealogists, teachers and librarians will be gathering in Springfield, Massachusetts for the 14th biennial NERGC (New England Regional Genealogical Consortium) conference. It is a great chance to learn something new, sharpen old skills, meet up with other genealogists, and to make new friends!

Every two years the NERGC conference is held in a different New England state.  The first NERGC conference I ever attended was in 2009 in Manchester, New Hampshire when I volunteered through the New Hampshire Mayflower Society to man a table one night at the “Society Fair”.  I was only there a few hours, but I met lots of genealogists I knew, and many others who were “new to me”.  Everyone was having a wonderful time, and so I vowed I would make an attempt to attend the next NERGC event.

The conference for 2011 was held in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Vincent and I both attended for three nights, and we enjoyed all the lectures, workshops and events.  I organized a mini family reunion for folks who were descended from Deacons Samuel Chapin at his statue a few blocks from the venue, and best part of that short event was making friends with people I am still meeting up with at genealogy events in New England. We are planning a repeat of this reunion during the 2017 NERGC.

Yours Truly and blogger Bonnie Jean MacDonald
with our ancestor Deacon Samuel Chapin in Springfield, MA

The 2013 NERGC was held in Manchester again.  Since I lived so close I became more involved and organized a blogger table, and a blogger Special Interest group that was extremely well attended.  The blogger table and SIG was expanded in 2015 at the Providence, Rhode Island NERGC conference, and will be expanded again at the 2017 Springfield conference. We are also adding an official blogger campaign, and if you would like to participate please send an email to with your name, blog address and a brief biography. 

The NERGC 2017 conference theme is “Using the Tools of Today and Tomorrow to Understand the Past”.   There will be a society fair, an Ancestor’s Roadshow, exhibit hall, a conference blog, facebook group, a conference e-zine, and a Springfield genealogical research tour.  Wednesday April 26th is set aside for four tracks:  Beginning DNA Day, Professional Genealogist Day, Librarian’s Day and Society Management Day.  NERGC’s third annual Technology Day will also be held on April 26 with two tracks:  Research with technology and also Advanced Tools.   The conference sessions start Thursday April 27 and run through Sunday April 29th, with 94 open sessions, 8 workshops, 3 luncheons and 2 dinner banquets.

The official NERGC website:

Click here to download the 20 page 2017 conference brochure:

The conference E-Zine:


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