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My Grandmother's Diary ~ Part 9 (April 15 - 26th)

Hepatica - from the buttercup family, native to the eastern USA

This is the 8th installment of my grandmother's diary from 1920.  Her name was Gertrude Hitchings (1905 - 2001), and she was living on Elliott Street in Beverly, Massachusetts.  The diary is a tiny 3", and every Monday I publish a new section, with transcriptions of the tiny handwriting.  You can read the first installment HERE.  I'll post more of this diary every week for Amanuensis Monday.

Report cards today      Warm
THURS.  APR. 15, 1920
Got up at 6.45 went
to school up to Helen’s
to dinner took the baby
out all the afternoon. Stayed
down at Helen’s to supper. Mr.
Lowell down too came home
on 9 o’clock car went to bed 10.00


Got up at 7.00 went to
school home 1.15 Went
after hepatica with Papa
Millie & Marguerite and Gordon,
after supper Eunice, Rozella,
Gordon and I went to walk
Went to bed at 9.30PM


Got up at 7.45 Had
breakfast worked around
the  house all day.  Russell & Ethel
came down.  Mr. Lowell came up.
All gone down town home alone
all evening went to bed at 10.00

NOTE: Helen is Gertrude's eldest sister, who was married with several small children in 1920.  Mr. Lowell is still a mystery to me, but my mother thinks he might have been a former boarder.  Hepatica is a wildflower (I had to look that up!).  Millie, Eunice and Gordon are Gertrude's siblings, and Marguerite and Rozella are friends.  Russell is her eldest brother, married to Ethel just a few weeks ago.  

SUN. APR. 18, 1920
Got up at 9.00 stayed at
home  all morning.  Ma is
sick.  Russell and Ethel down to
Helen’s.  After dinner went to
walk with Ella and with Gordon stayed home
all evening went to bed at 8.15


Got up at 7.15 had break-
fast.  Home all morning. Ma
some better got up.  Helen and
Ellsworth came up after dinner.
Went to walk with Ella, Russ & Ethel went home
Went to bed at 9.00PM


Got up at 6.30 went
to school.  Went up to Helen’s
to dinner took the baby
out all afternoon.  Came
home 5.45.  Went out a little
while after supper played ball.  Bed 9.

NOTE:  According to my mother, Gertrude's mother. Florence Etta, was sick with tuberculosis most of her childhood.  Gertrude mentions her mother being sick many times in this diary. Ellsworth is Helen's husband

WED. APR. 21, 1920
Got up at 6.45 went
to school.  Rained hard
all day – home at 1.15
stayed home all the
afternoon knitting.  Home all
evening Ma and Pa
went over Butler’s  bed at 9.30


Got up at 6.45 went
to school came home
at 1.15. Went out riding my
bike a little while and went
over and got some hepatica with
Gordon and Jack.  Went out after
supper played games went to bed at 9


Got up at 6.45 went
to school had a play
home 1.15  home all afternoon. Rain
and all evening worked
on Gordon’s sweater and finished it.
Pa over to Russell’s went to bed 8.30

NOTE:  Gertrude mentions knitting again, her favorite past time in her older years.   The weather must be getting nicer because she mentions riding her bike, and picking more hepatica with her brother Gordon and friend Jack. 

SAT.  APR. 24, 1920
Got up at 7.00 had break
fast worked around the
house all morning
Mr. Lowell came over 2.15
went home at 8.45 stayed
home all evening and read
went to bed at 10.15
set the clocks ahead


Got up at 9.15 had break
fast stayed home all
morning took a bath. Went
to walk after dinner and got some hepatica
After lunch went down Helen’s
With Eunice, Pa & Gordon  bed at 10


Got up at 7.00 had break
fast went to N. B. helped Mr.
Lowell at schoolhouse. Mabel & Hilda up  came
Home 2.45.  Went down Jone’s got my
Bike fixed.  Mr. Lowell over to supper.
??? a little while went to bed at 10

NOTE:  More mention of the mysterious Mr. Lowell but this time "at the schoolhouse".  Was he a teacher?  More hepatica, too. 

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "My Grandmother's Diary ~ Part 9 (April 15 - 26th)", Nutfield Genealogy, posted February 6, 2017,  ( accessed [access date]).

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