Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weathervane Wednesday ~ An island with a lot of weathervanes

Weathervane Wednesday is an on-going series of photographs I post weekly.  I started out by publishing only weather vanes from the Londonderry area, but now I've been finding interesting weather vanes from all over New England.  Sometimes these weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are very unique.  Often, my readers tip me off to some very special and unusual weather vanes.

Today's weather vanes are from somewhere in Massachusetts.

Do you know the location of the weather vanes in post #296?  Scroll down to see the answer...

Weathervane #1

 Weathervane #2

 Weathervane #3

 Weathervane #4

 Weathervane #5

 Weathervane #6

 Weathervane #7 

All seven of these weather vanes were seen on Plum Island, off the coast of Newburyport, Massachusetts.  This little island is home to both year round and summer residents, as well as to the Sandy Point State Reservation on the southern end of the island.  Plum island is eleven miles long and is part of the towns of Newburyport, Newbury, Rowley and Ipswich. 

Plum Island is infamous for being battered by storms, and is losing ground to erosion.  For centuries the residents of Plum Island have carefully watched the weather.  Weather vanes are one way of monitoring the weather and predicting bad storms. I especially like the variety of weather vanes we saw here, most with maritime themes or birds, since Plum Island is on the migration path of so many New England birds.  

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