Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Lock Up in England

Weathervane Wednesday is an on-going series of photographs I post weekly.  I started out by publishing only weather vanes from the Londonderry area, but now I've been finding interesting weather vanes from all over New England.  Sometimes these weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are very unique.  Often, my readers tip me off to some very special and unusual weather vanes.

Today's weather vane is from somewhere in England.

Do you know the location of weather vane #337?  Scroll down to see the answer...

This is the weathervane from on top of the 17th century clocktower and lock up (the town jail) in the middle of Fenstanton, in Cambridgeshire, England on the High Street.  We were passing through the town to visit the church of St. Peter and St. Paul where the parents of Mayflower passenger John Howland are buried.  We spied this interesting building and its weathervane out the window of the tour bus.  Luckily we were able to get a few good photos!

The weathervane is a simple banner. It is probably original to the building, although the building was restored in 1989.

A 1941 painting  "Clock Tower, Fen Stanton" by Edward Walker (b. 1879)
from the Victoria and Albert Museum website  


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Lock Up in England", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 15, 2017, ( accessed [access date]). 

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