Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Chester Bulkley, buried 1848 in Wethersfield, Connecticut

This tombstone was photographed in the Ancient Burying Ground in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Chester Bulkley
Born Feb. 22, 1782
Died Dec. 4, 1848
Behold the upright
For the end of that man is peace
Caroline Maria
His wife
Born March 8, 1798
Died Sept 17, 1872
Asleep in Jesus

Chester Bulkley, son of Charles Bulkely (1734 – 1813) and Eunice Welles (1746 – 1827) was born 22 February 1782 and died 4 December 1848 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.  He was married three times, first to Hannah Buck, second to Martha Riley, and third to Caroline Maria Latimer (1798 – 1872).   He had three children with his first wife, Charles Dean b. 1810 d. young; Silas Butler, b. 1812. d. young; and John b. 1814, d. 1833.  He is my 3rd cousin, 8 generations removed. We are both descendants of Rev. Peter Bulkely (1583- 1659) of Concord, Massachusetts. 

Chester Bulkley’s 1830 house still exists in Wethersfield at 184 Main Street, and it is a five guest room bed and breakfast.  See this link: https://www.chesterbulkleyhouse.com/ 

The Bulkley Family Plot in Wethersfield, Connecticut

For more information on the Bulkeley family see The Bulkeley Genealogy: Rev. Peter Bulkeley, by Donald Lines Jacobus, 1933.  The sketch of Chester Bulkley is on pages 659 – 660.    Also see Wethersfield Inscriptions, by Edward Sweetser Tillotson, 1899,  page 29.    (both books are available online at Google books, the second book is also at Archive.org )


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  1. I imagine they were charged by the number of letters in the engraving so this is pretty elaborate!