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Surname Saturday ~ EVERSON of Plymouth, Massachusetts

My 8th great grandfather, John Everson, was warned out of Boston and Plymouth, Massachusetts as an early settler in Massachusetts. Because of this, there are few records about his life.  However, since several of his descendants married into Mayflower families, there has been much research into tracing his life.  Lucky John!  And lucky me!  Several details have come to light, but we still don’t know his origins, or the name of his wife.

For some reason John Everson’s children were taken from him and placed with guardians in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  There are few clues to the reasons why this happened.  In an article in the NEHGS Register “ Descendants of John Everson of Plymouth Massachusetts” by Mary Blauss Edwards, Volume 169 (2015), pages 35 and 36 several cordwainers (shoe makers) were fined in Boston in 1662 for employing John Everson (perhaps he was a shoe maker, too?) because “of ill behavior belonging to other places” and this was contrary to the town order to warn him out of town.
Next in 1668 John Everson’s 2 year old son Richard was placed with William Nelson.  In 1669 John deposed that he placed his daughter Martha with Robert Barrow of Plymouth.   In 1690 Stephen Bryant had custody of John Everson, Jr.  Also, at the 1668 Plymouth town meeting “it was… agreed that John Everson be forwith warned to depart the towne with all Convenient speed” [ Records of the Town of Plymouth, Volume 1, page 106]. 

Little John, Jr. (about 1669 – about 1729), my 7th great grandfather, who had been placed with Stephen Bryant as a ward or apprentice grew up to live in the town of Plympton, near Plymouth.  He had several deeds for land, some bought or given from Stephen Bryant, Jr.   His wife is known only as “Elizabeth”, and they were listed in the document “First Members of the Plympton Church to Join in Full Communion”.  John, Jr. and Elizabeth had four children.  Two sons were named in deeds where he divided his land in 1724. 

I descend from the third John Everson (1703 – 1780), my 6th great grandfather, who married Silence Staples, daughter of Benjamin Staples and Mary Cox.   Their daughter, Hannah Everson (1732 – 1814), my 5th great grandmother, married Nathan Weston and they removed from Kingston to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia as a grantee given land in 1767.   He was a descendant of the Mayflower passengers George Soule, Edward Doty, and Myles Standish.

My EVERSON genealogy:

Generation 1:  John Everson, born about 1642, and died after 29 July 1669; married to Unknown.  At least three children.

Generation 2: John Everson, born about 1669, died between 16 June 1724 and 3 April 1729 in Plympton, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Unknown about 1702.  She died 10 December 1737 in Kingston, Massachusetts.  Four children.

Generation 3:  John Everson, baptized on 23 May 1703 in Plympton, died 3 June 1780 in Kingston, Massachusetts; married about 14 October 1727 in Kingston to Silence Staples, daughter of Benjamin Staples and Mary Cox.  She was born 11 November 1705 in Braintree, and died 29 April 1785 in Kingston.  Seven children.

Generation 4:  Hannah Everson, born 6 July 1732 in Kingston, died 26 April 1814 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; married on 29 August 1751 in Kingston to Nathan Weston, son of Nathan Weston and Desire Standish.  He was born 11 July 1723 in Plympton and died after 29 February 1780 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Four children.

Generation 5:  Zadoc Weston m. Mary Clements
Generation 6:  Matilda Weston m. Joseph Edwin Healy
Generation 7:  Mary Etta Healey m. Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 8:  Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Treadwell Hitchings
Generation 9:  Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~  EVERSON of Plymouth, Massachusetts”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted August 18, 2018, ( accessed [access date]). 

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