Friday, January 4, 2019

Thank you Nutfield Genealogy Blog Followers

A big “Thank You!” to all my dear blog readers and blog followers!

In 2018 I have enjoyed your email and comments, and your messages via social media.  Every comment is very important to me.  I appreciate all your suggestions, clues, humor and inquiries. 
My blog is not monetized.  I don’t promote advertising and I have no affiliate links.  But I enjoy checking my blog statistics to see what is popular, and what my readers enjoy reading.  If there are patterns, I don’t necessarily change my writing or my posting because mostly I write for fun, for my family, and for the pure enjoyment of making “cousin connections” and receiving feedback from you, my readers.

Here are the top ten blog posts from Nutfield Genealogy, in reverse order….

#10    “How Genealogy Literate Are You?”      My attempt at humor, from March 2018, with 22 comments it seemed to resonate with many genealogists.

#9      “19 August 1692, Five People Hanged at Salem, Massachusetts”     This one was originally posted on 19 August 2015, and receives modest re-reading every year on that date.  It is a re-post of a blog post I wrote several years earlier that was very popular, too.

#8      “Ten Ways to be a Good Ancestor”     This was another attempt at humor from 2016

#7       “Meghan Markle’s New Hampshire Roots”     This was written this year near the royal wedding, so I can see why it received so many hits from Google. Nearly 5,000 hits!  I wasn’t trying for popularity, just trying to see if there were any cousin connections out there.  According to the number of comments on Facebook many, many people are kin to the new Duchess.

#6      “Patriot to Passenger Project”     This project from the General Society of Mayflower Descendants attempts to match patriots in the DAR database with Mayflower Passenger ancestors.  It was also published just this year, and has nearly 6,000 hits.  Many of the readers found DAR patriots who were not listed, and they provided the names to the project manager and increased the list by a large amount. Good job readers!

#5   “University of Durham Team is Reaching Out to the Descendants of 17th Century Scottish Prisoners”   This blog post was written in 2016 and received thousands of hits because of the archaeological dig that was in the news (uncovering the bodies of many of these prisoners from the 1650 Battle of Dunbar).  This dig continues to be in the news, along with the recreation of the battle next year, and so now the number of hits is approaching 6,500.  A very popular subject among genealogists and history buffs!

#4   “10 Unexpected Places to Find Family History”   This was written in 2015, but continues to draw readers and is now nearly 7,000 hits.  I suppose that when you hit a brick wall, a blog post like this might help you think out of the box.

#3    “2020 Events for the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Mayflower”    This post from just a few weeks ago has nearly 8,000 hits already, and as 2020 approached received a lot of new reads.  Check out this list of scheduled events if you are interested in attending the commemorations this year.

#2    “Flora Stewart – Black History Month”      This post from nearly eight years ago (written in February of 2011) still receives lots of hits, and it makes me happy that this obscure woman who lived in poverty in New Hampshire is still of such interest to history buffs.  Perhaps it is her haunting photograph that makes this blog post so interesting?

#1    “A Favorite Christmas Gift!  You Might Want One, Too”     This post from 2012 has lead my list of popular blog posts for eight years.  It has had over a quarter of a million hits, with about 3,000 more this Christmas season.  I suppose people googling for gift ideas (especially family history gift ideas) find this an interesting post.  My thanks for this success goes out to my daughter, who gave me this gift for Christmas in 2012.  And my thanks goes out to Pinterest, where this post still goes viral every December.

Top Ten Traffic Sources for 2018:
1.  Facebook
2.  Google
3.  BuzzFeed
4.  Pinterest
5.  Nutfield Genealogy
6.  Bing
7.  Yahoo
8.  Tipsted
9.  Google UK
10.   (Twitter links?)

Other trivial facts about Nutfield Genealogy:
First blog post- 17 July 2009
Total posts- 2867
Page views all time history  (as of January 3, 2019) – 2,810,044 (almost 3 million!  Cool!)

Top Five Search Keywords (phrases)
1.  White Horse
2.   Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa
3.   Flora Stewart
4.   Kilcher Family Tree
5.   Thanksgiving Proclamation

Total Blog Posts by Year
2009  - 75 posts
2010  - 337 posts
2011  - 341 posts
2012  - 346 posts
2013  - 349 posts
2014  - 309 posts
2015  -  291 posts  
2016- -  286 posts
2017  -  284 posts
2018  -  249 posts

Total number of views of these pages:

"Surnames to 9 Generations"                 23,298
"Descendants of Thomas Wilkinson"    16,942
"Descendants of Samuel Wilkinson"      11,364
"Awards"                                                  8,394 (this page has been removed)
"Honor Roll Project"                                8,394 (this has moved to its own webpage)
"New England Genealogy Bloggers"       9,850
“Nutfield FAQ’s”                                     2,783


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Thank you Nutfield Genealogy Blog Followers”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted January 4, 2019, ( accessed [access date]). 


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