Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Weathervane Wednesday ~ Weathervanes of a famous English University

I posted a series of weather vane photographs every Wednesday.  This started with images of weathervanes from the Londonderry, New Hampshire area, but now I've found interesting weather vanes all across New England and across the globe.  Sometimes my weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are interesting.  This series is drawing to a close next week when I publish my 400th weathervane post!

Today's weather vanes were photographed in England.

Do you know the location of weathervane post #399?  Scroll down to find the answer.

These weathervanes were photographed when we toured Cambridge University in England as part of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants Historic Sites Tour in 2017.  We visited Cambridge because the passenger William Brewster attended Peterhouse College at Cambridge.  And the pastor to the Pilgrims, Rev. John Robinson, my 11th great grandfather on both my maternal and paternal sides of the family tree, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1596 from Corpus Christi College and he earned his Master of Arts in 1599. 

This weathervane and the two below are just interesting banner weathervanes we spotted as we wandered the streets of Cambridge.  I'm not sure what the buildings are, but they are part of the University.



These two weathervanes were on two buildings directly across the lane from famous Eagle pub where Watson and Crick relaxed in between their research on DNA at Cambridge University.  You can read more about our visit to this pub at this link:   

I love the dragon weathervane, and I'm sure there is a story to this choice, but I couldn't find it.  The banner weathervane next door appears to have a design embossed into the metalwork, but it is impossible to see if it is just decorative, or perhaps it is numbers or words? 


This odd weathervane was above the tower of St. Benet's Parish Church.  I can't decide if this is a banner style weathervane, or perhaps a wind paddle with an interesting counterweight.  This is the oldest church in Cambridgeshire, and the oldest building in the town of Cambridge.  The tower was probably built between 1000 AD and 1050 AD.  It is next to Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University. 


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