Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throwback Thursday ~ 1981 and 1982 Plymouth, Massachusetts

This was a real find!  Two visits to Plymouth, Massachusetts during our college years.

In the first trip, one spring weekend during college six friends piled into one car and drove from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  I was the only native New Englander in the bunch, so I had fun touring them around to see the sights.  This was a long time before I knew I had any Mayflower ancestors.

These are more of the deteriorating, old photo slides that we used to take in college because it was less expensive than prints back then in 1981.  These slides were on Kodak film, which seems to have retained the color and sharpness better than the previous "Throwback Thursday" photo slide blog posts, which were taken with Seattle Filmworks film and processing.

The Forefathers Monument in Plymouth, MA

Vincent's old Pinto station wagon, which held six of us!

The Mayflower II

Plymouth Rock, hasn't changed much since 1981!

This marble pavilion houses Plymouth Rock at Plymouth harbor.
This view hasn't changed in almost 40 years. 

The fort at Plimoth Plantation

The view from the top of the fort down Leyden Street at
Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum

A timeless scene, the native Wampanoag home site at Plimoth Plantation

Yours Truly and Vincent at the Mayflower II.
Many years before I knew I was a
descendant of a Mayflower passenger!

At one of the beaches at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Dodging the waves at the beach

Walking along the beach in Plymouth

Yes, the three guys in our group went swimming in their jeans.
It was a wet ride all the way back to Cambridge.

Swimming in jeans.  Fun at the moment, but wet jeans aren't very comfortable later!

In 1982 Vincent's Mom came from Spain to visit Massachusetts. We took her to visit Plymouth and Plimoth Plantation.

The view from on top of the Fort/Meetinghouse at Plimoth Planation.
 You can no longer go to the roof of this building,
but today you can lookout of gunports on the second floor. 

There no longer are stocks at Plimoth Plantation.
Vincent took a moment for a photo opportunity here!

Another timeless photo!  Me and my future mother-in-law
in front of the Mayflower II on the Plymouth waterfront.


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