Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Common Man, Manchester, New Hampshire - Weathervane Wednesday

Today's weathervane was photographed at 1805 South Willow Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.  It is a brand new weathervane atop the Common Man Market and Deli.

A friend sent me a message that this brand new shop had an interesting weathervane, so we rushed over to take a photograph.  This weathervane is almost the 450th weathervane we have posted in this series!

The Common Man Roadside Market and Deli is the fourth little store built by the Ray family of New Hampshire (if you count both delis on the northbound and southbound side of Route 93 in Hooksett).  The symbol on this weathervane should be familiar to anyone who has visited a Common Man restaurant, or driven by one of their locations in the Granite State.  This weathervane features a two dimensional silhouette of the farmer behind his plow.  This weathervane is shiny, new, with a bright copper farmer and cardinal points.  You can't miss it, especially if you are caught at the traffic light on the corner of South Willow and Goffe's Falls Road.

I love that this new business has provided residents with another new weathervane to admire!

The Common Man Roadside website: 

The Common Man family of restaurants website: 

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