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Mace Family, Tewksbury, Massachusetts - Tombstone Tuesday

 These tombstones were photographed at the Old Center Burial Ground in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

memory of three
Children of Mr. Benjn &
Mrs. Rebekah Mace
Jonathan Feb 1802
AEt. 20.  Joel died Jan. 7, 1816
AEt.   Eli died Feb. 12, 1820
AEt. 29

In memory of
who died
Nov. 30, 1828
AET. 82.

In memory of
widow of Mr.
Benjamin Mace,
who died 
March 31, 1829
AEt. 70. 

Benjamin Mace, the son of Daniel Mace, was born in Newbury, Massachusetts on 26 November 1746 and died in Tewksbury on 30 November 1828.  He married Rebecca French in Tewksbury on 22 April 1777.  She was the daughter of Jonathan French and Rebecca Gray, and she died 31 March1829. They had eight children all born in Tewksbury:

1. Rebecca, born 4 August 1777 and died in Tewksbury 1 October 1843
2. Benjamin, born 12 September 1779, and died at Lexington, Indiana on 12 August 1826. He married first to Mary Jones Hardy about 1804 in Brentwood, New Hampshire, daughter of Peter Hardy and Dorcas Jones. He married second to Mary Ross of Lexington, Indiana on 7 November 1823 or 1824. 
3. Jonathan, born 9 March 1782, died in Tewksbury 23 February 1802
4. Ira, born 11 June 1784, and died in Sandown, New Hampshire after April 1843.  He married Sally Fellows on 14 January 1813 in Hampstead, New Hampshire. 
5. Isaac, born 11 June 1784 and removed to Perry, New York with his wife Adella Unknown. 
6. Judith, born 2 October 1788, married in Tewksbury to John Carter, died in Tewksbury 6 January 1861
7. Eli, born 25 February 1791, died 3 February 1820, served in the Revolutionary War
8. Hannah, born 11 June 1793, married Deacon Josiah Kittredge 29 December 1812, died 9 May 1828 at Amherst, New Hampshire. 
9. Abigail, born 6 April 1796, married Stephen Hill in Billerica, Massachusetts May 1816, and died there 18 January 1829.
10. Abraham, born 1 September 1798.  He married first Betsy Johnson of Tewksbury about 1823 (intention filed in Tewksbury on 27 September 1823). He married second to Mary Johnson, intention filed in Tewksbury 30 October 1830.  He married third about 1860 to Harriet N. Gage, daughter of John Gage and Dorcus Merrill.  
11. Joel, born 1 December 1800, died in Tewksbury on 7 January 1816.

Thank you to Jan Koso for his manuscript on the Mace family for this information. According to his manuscript, Benjamin Mace is my half first cousin, 8 generations removed.  We both descend from Robert Mace (1652 - 1732/3), an early settler on the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. Robert Mace had two wives, and I descend from his second wife, Hannah Gibbons, and Benjamin descends from the first un-named wife. 


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