Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Fathers Day Tree 2021

 Back in 1988 we started our Fathers Day Tree tradition with a newly planted little oak tree in Londonderry on Vincent's first Fathers Day.  We have continued this tradition even after we moved to Manchester, with a newly planted group of birch trees.  Last year our daughter continued this tradition at their new home in Massachusetts.  Here is a sampling of some of the Fathers Day Tree photographs from over the years...

1988 Londonderry

1991 Londonderry

1993 Londonderry

1998 Londonderry

2001 Londonderry

2004 Londonderry

2006 Londonderry

2011 Londonderry

2013 Londonderry

2015 Manchester
(The Grand Father Tree was a clump of birches)

2017 Manchester

2019 Manchester

2020 Manchester

2021 Manchester

And just for fun...
We went back to Londonderry to see how big our original oak had grown in 2020

And here is the second generation Fathers Day Tree (a dogwood) on the day it was planted in 2020 Massachusetts!


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