Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Derry History Mural, extended!


Two years ago I posted about the first phase of the Derry History Mural, which was started in honor of the 200th anniversary of Nutfield, New Hampshire.  You can read that first post HERE.  Recently, we revisited the mural to photograph the new section, which was painted last year during the pandemic on the wall of the Cask and Vine perpendicular to Broadway.  

This new mural added some of the pets (dogs, cats, even a goat) of Derry residents along the bottom of the first panel, and some more recent Derry history.  There is a moon with Alan Shepard's space capsule, a view of Broadway and some of the historic buildings and businesses, and landmarks such as Pinkerton Academy, Beaver Lake, Hood farm, and the horse fountain that was removed to MacGregor Park in 2019.  The mural can be seen as pedestrians and bikes travel along the rail trail that crosses Broadway.  

For the truly curious:

My 2020 blog post on the first phase of the Derry History Mural:


Derry News, "History Continues in next phase of Derry Mural Project", August 26, 2020  https://www.derrynews.com/news/history-continues-in-next-phase-of-derry-mural-project/article_b502a121-b196-52de-9fb0-9f46d3da3d24.html  


To Cite/Link to this blog post:  Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Derry History Mural, extended!", Nutfield Genealogy, posted June 8, 2020, ( https://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2021/06/derry-history-mural-extended.html: accessed [access date]). 

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