Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday- Battle of Lexington

This week we celebrate Patriot’s Day in New England, and all over the United States. On April 19, 1775 the men of Lexington faced the British Regulars at dawn on the town green. There were about 75 men there, and 8 fell dead. These men were first buried secretly in the town burying ground, and later removed to a spot of honor on Lexington Green.

Sacred to Liberty & the Rights of mankind!!! The Freedom & Independence of America, Sealed and defended with the blood of her sons.

"This Monument is erected by the inhabitants of Lexington, under the patronage & at the expense of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to the memory of their fellow citizens, Ensign Robert Munroe, Mess. Jonas Parker, Samuel Masey, Caleb Harrington and John Brown of Lexington, Ashael Porter of Woburn, who fell on this field, the first victims to the sword of British tyranny & oppression, on the morning of the ever memorable nineteenth of April, An. Dom. 1775.
The Die was cast!!! The Blood of these Martyr’s, in the cause of God & their Country, was the cement of the Union of these States, then colonies & gave the spring to the spirit, firmness, and resolution of their fellow citizens. They rose as one man, to revenge their brethren’s blood and at the point of the sword to assert & defend their native Rights. They nobly dar’d to be free!! The contest was long, bloody & affecting. Righteous Heaven approved the solemn appeal; Victory crowned their arms; and The Peace, Liberty & Independence of the United States of America, was their glorious reward.

Built in the year 1799."


Ground marker:

"The remains of those who fell in the Battle of Lexington were brought here from the old cemetery, April 20, 1835, and buried within the railing in the front of this monument."


  1. Heather, This town is one of my favorites, as I lived there 8 years...yes I will write about it, but not so much the history. Thanks for sharing this.

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