Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday- New Hampshire State Papers in the Archives

This blog post is seriously out of date.  I have UPDATED information at this new link:
February 22, 2016

If your ancestors lived in Colonial New England, or if you suspect that your ancestors lived in New England any time up until 1800, then you must have used the New Hampshire State Papers for your genealogical research. I first came across this wonderful resource years ago (before the internet) at the Portsmouth Atheneum library. Now, when I run across a new name in the family tree, I can go to the NH State Papers online at the website for the State Archives.

The NH State Papers were published in forty volumes between 1867 and 1943. The website has an index to names about 2070 pages long. The project has been made available on microfilm and CD-ROM to libraries and repositories worldwide. The first seven volumes are sometimes referred to as The Provincial Papers. Their contents include town papers, the Revolutionary Rolls, town charters, probate and court records. The New Hampshire State Papers page at the NH Archives and Records Management website.

Other online links to the NH State Papers: An additional website from the University of New Hampshire, with a descriptive list of the contents of all forty volumes of the NH State and Provincial Papers. Rootsweb’s PDF index to the NH State Papers

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  1. Thanks for the info; I have used the papers in the past and forgot about them.