Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sentimental Sunday- Dropping by Robert Frost’s Farm

Walter Butts, NH Poet Laureate
reading his poetry in Robert Frost's Barn
(snapped with a cell phone, sorry for the quality)

Sundays are for running errands and doing no particular thing, especially when there is nothing calling us from the calendar. We were out and about Londonderry and Derry, dropping by the butcher, the farm stand, and enjoying the weather whilst riding about in the little red convertible. This is when we often take a “mystery ride”. It involves taking the long way home, or turning down a road we haven’t driven for a while, or just driving towards nowhere in particular.

Today, we passed the Robert Frost Farm, and a sign read “Poetry Reading 2PM Walter Butts NH Poet Laureate”. It was exactly 2PM on the car clock. We turned around the little red convertible in someone’s driveway and headed back. We had found a great way to spend an hour!

There is a Summer Series of guest speakers on Sundays at the Frost Farm, and I’m sorry to tell you that there is only one more event for 2010. Hearing Walter Butts was very enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon, and he not only read many of his poems from “Sunday Evening at the Stardust Café” but he also explained the New Hampshire Poet Laureate Program and how he came to live in New Hampshire.

The last event of the 2010 Summer series will be Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of August “Quilt Weekend: Documentation Opportunity and Lecture”. Volunteers will examine, photograph and record quilts during this event (FREE of charge!) Quilt owners will receive details on their quilt’s style, approximate date, fabrics, condition and construction, and advice on care and storage. Appraisals for insurance or donation purposes will available for $45-$50. Copies of the documentation, including a photograph are $5. Appointments must be scheduled ahead of time at (603) 432-3091.

I previously blogged about the Frost Farm, the Frost family and Robert Frost’s genealogy on 4 December 2009 at

For more information:

Sunday Evening at the Stardust Café , by W. E. Butts, 1st World Library, 2006 The website for the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire, including the calendar for the Frost Farm Summer Series of events. every two weeks a new poem by a New Hampshire poet is showcased on this page by Walter E. Butts the Walter E. Butts website


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  1. Thats was a nice treat for a Sunday afternoon. We went by it a month ago, and wondered, didn't they put on a new roof? I keep forgetting it is so close to the road. It was a nice afternoon for a reading.

  2. I love posting of links that allows us to enjoy what we missed! Thanks for the link through Twitter.