Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday- Martín Sisters, 1920's Spain

The three daughters of Manuel Martín (abt 1880 - 1971) and Josefa Rivero (1884-1937) lived in Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain. Long ago, someone wrote on the photograph and labeled the girls 1, 2, and 3.

1. The youngest daughter, María Consuelo Martín, was born 11 November 1908 and died on 29 April 2001 in Madrid. She married Jose Garcia on 8 September 1933 in Villar de Ciervo. Consuelo is my husband's maternal grandmother.

2. María Joaquína Martín, the eldest child, was born on 21 December 1904 and died on 25 October 1989 in Barcelona. She married Nicanor Zato on 29 September 1928 in Villar de Ciervo.

3. Luisa Antonia Martín, born 13 June 1906 and died on 4 March 2004 in Madrid. She married Joaquín García, brother to Jose (her sister's husband) on 18 September 1930 in Villar de Ciervo. Both García brothers were officers in the Guardia Civil.

There was also a brother, Nicolás, not in this photograph. It appears to have been taken some time before 1920. Joaquina is holding an umbrella, and Consuelo and Luisa appear to be holding closed Spanish fans. When we were first married I met both Consuelo and Tia Luisa in Madrid. The nice thing is that my daughter also met her great grandmother and "Tia Luisa" in Spain, which is a memory I hope she will always treasure.

For a photo of Villar de Ciervo, see my post from March 3, 2010

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  2. hola, me llamo Eduardo y me quede agradablemente sorprendido al encontrar esta página. Soy nieto de Maria Martin Rivero, la 2 de la foto, y su marido Nicanor Zato. Me encantaria contactar contigo. Mi padre y tu madre son primos hermanos.

  3. Hola, Eduardo. Mi email es Encantada!