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Flint Family Portraits - Not so Wordless Wednesday

Last Wednesday I posted a story about the Flint farmhouse in Lyme, New Hampshire.  It was build by Moses Flint, pictured below with his wife.

Elizabeth (Spaulding) Flint (1774- 1850)

Moses Flint (1769 - 1843)

According to Jim Uicker, "(Their paintings are on the wall of my den.) Did you know that Moses brother Samuel lived on the next farm over? I believe that would be the Prout Pond Road. I was there about 15 years ago but couldn't quite identify his house....Family story was that they were painted by a traveling artist who stayed the winter at the farm and painted several family members. If so there are others around that I have not seen. I would think they date from around 1810. They are on homespun canvas. The weave is fairly irregular."

Moses and his brother Samuel built the homestead in Lyme Center. Samuel Flint married Elizabeth's sister, Mary Spaulding, and settled in a nearby homestead in Lyme Center. They are sixth generation descendants of Thomas Flint of Salem Massachusettes (see Flint Genealogical Register):

(1) Thomas Flint and Ann Unknown
(2) Sergeant George Flint and Elizabeth Putnam
(3) Ebenezer Flint and Tabitha Burnap  (Ebenezer is brother to George Flint, my ancestor)
(4) Capt. John Flint and Joanna Farnham, served in the American Revolution
(5) Lieut. John Flint and Molly Worcester, also served in the American Revolution
(6) Moses Flint and Elizabeth Spaulding (portraits above)
(7) George Flint and J. Newhall
(8) Walter Moses Flint and Elizabeth E. Marston
(9) Elizabeth J. Flint and John Joseph Uicker

My own Flint ancestry:
(1) Thomas Flint and Ann Unknown
(2) George Flint and Elizabeth Putnam
(3) George Flint and Jerusha Pope
(4) George Flint and Hannah Phelps, served in the American Revolution
(5) Phebe Flint and John Flint
(6) Olive Flint and Luther Simonds Munroe
(7) Phebe Cross Munroe and Robert Wilson Wilkinson
(8) Albert Munroe Wilkinson and Isabella Lyons Bill
(9) Donald Munroe Wilkinson and Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

and also
(1) Thomas Flint and Ann Unknown
(2) Thomas Flint and Mary Dounton (3d wife)
(3) Jonathan Flint and Mary Collston
(4) Jonathan Flint and Lydia Proctor
(5) John Flint and Phebe Flint (same as 5 above)

Thanks to Tom Uicker for the photos of the Flint portraits, and Jim Uicker for his comments.  Tom Uicker provided the Flint genealogy information.  my story from 26 January 2011 about the Flint Family in Lyme, New Hampshire, with photos of the house.

A Genealogical Register of of the Descendants of Thomas Flint by John Flint and John H. Stone, Andover, Massachusetts: W. F. Draper, 1860.

Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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