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The Londonderry 99 - Memorial Day

This monument is on
the town common,
for the Revolutionary War
This list of the men who fought in the American Revolution from Londonderry, New Hampshire comes from pages 336-340 of Reverend Edward L. Parker’s History of Londonderry. Their names are not listed individually on the monument on the Londonderry Town Common, unlike the plaques for the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam monuments. On the monument, the men who served in the American Revolution are referred to as “The Londonderry 99”.   This book is available at libraries and is completely readable, in full, at Google Book Search.

In his book, Parker divides the list into the groups below. Parker also separates the officers from the enlisted men. I will just present the names in this list without distinguishing rank. For more information, please see the book, which is available free on Google Book Search.

Group One- men raised for the Lexington Alarm and marched to Medford. This list was made on 28 July 1775.
George Reid
Abraham Reid
James Anderson
John Patten
Daniel Miltimore
John Nesmith
Robert Barnet
John Mackey
James McCluer
Robert Boyes
Joshua Thompson
George McMurphy
Robert Burke
Thomas Ingliss
Matthew Anderson
Robert Adams
Samuel Ayers
Hugh Alexander
John Anderson
Alexander Brown
William Boyd
John Campbell
Thomas Campbell
Peter Christie
Solomon Collins
Stephen Chase
William Clyde
William Dickey
James Duncan
Samuel Dickey
John Ferguson
David Gregg
James Gilmore
Allen Hopkins
John Head
Asa Senter
John Hopkins
Samuel Houston
Jonathan Holmes
Peter Jenkins
John Livingston
Ebenezer McIlvain
Hugh Montgomery
John Morrison
James Morrison
Joseph Mack
Martin Montgomery
Robert McMurphy
William McMurphy
William Moore
Robert Mack
David MClary
Archibald Mack
James Nesmith
James Nesmith, Jr.
William Parker
Joshua Reid
William Rowell
Thomas Roach
Abel Senter
James Stinson
Samuel Senter
Samuel Thompson
John Vance
Hugh Watts
Thomas Wilson
John Paterson
Henry Parkinson
Samuel Stinson
John Smith
Richard Cressey
James Moore

A group of 99 men were raised for Londonderry, and town bounties were paid for them, but their names were not known except for David MacGregor, William Gregg and William Adams.

On August 1776 eighty men were raised for service from Londonderry, Windham, and Pelham under Col. Matthew Thornton’s regiment, and from Col. Josiah Bartlett’s regiment. This group was commanded by Captain John Nesmith. Parker lists these names from Londonderry:
John Nesmith
Alexander Graham
Samuel Cherry
Solomon Todd
William Dickey
Michael George
Timothy Dustin
John McClurg
Samuel Thompson
Matthew Anderson
John Anderson
William Rogers
Robert McCluer
James Ewins
James Boyes, Jr.
John Orr
Samuel Rowell
John Humphrey
John Cox
Edward Cox
John Anderson, Jr.
Thomas White
Ephraim White
Joseph Mack
James Moor
Samuel Eayres
John Vance
John Ramsey
David George
William Dickey
Jonathan Gregg
Hugh Alexander
Abner Andrews
Peter Jenkins
Alexander Graige
William Colby
Patrick Fling
William Adams
James Boyes, Jr.
Jonathan George
Allen Hopkins
James Gilmore
Charity Killient
John Lancanster

Men raised in December 1776 for Capt. Samuel McConnels’s company:
James Hopkins
Jonathan Walace
Hugh Watt
William Lyons
Moses Watt
Thomas McClary
Jesse Jones
James Nesmith
Arthur Nesmith
John Todd
Benjamin Nesmith
James Hobbs
Nathan Whiting
Benjamin Robinson
David Marshall
William Burroughs
James Gilmore
John Kinkead
Alexander Morrow

Men raised in 1777 and 1778 for Continental Service:
Peter Jenkijns
Joseph Mack
Samuel Walton
Nathaniel Plummer
William Dickey
Bishop Castor
John Obrian
George McMurphy
David Plummer
Abel Walton
James Campbell
John McMurphy
Robert Wilson
Joseph McFarland
Samuel Ayers
Robert Rogers
Solomon Todd
Frederick Roche
Charles Bryan
James Nesmith
William Johnson
John Erwin
Jeremiah Fairfield
John Ayres
John Martin
John Morgan
David George
David Dickey
Ebenezer Mellvane
Timothy Harrington
Robert Boyes
Thomas Holmes
Martin Montgomery
Zaccheus Dustin
Valentine Sargent
Robert Craige
John Head
James Boyse
John Allen
Alexander McMasters
Abel Whiting
Ambrose Vicker*
John Grear*
Claude Colombon*
Joseph Coste*
Jean Rots*
Jonathan George
Michael George
Timothy Hutchins
*according to Parker, these men were raised at Exeter, but the bounty was paid by Londonderry

Additional men from Londonderry found in muster rolls during the war, but who did not receive bounties for Londonderry according to Parker:
William Hogg
Samuel Hamilton
David Ela
John Mack
Zabulon Colby
William Colby
Castor Barnes

A company of volunteers raised on 20 July 1777 for the Battle of Bennington:
Daniel Reynolds
David McClary
Adam Taylor
John Hughes
John Smith
John McKeen
John Anderson
John Robinson
Matthew Dickey
David Clark
Simeon Senter
Joseph Hastings
Thomas Griffin
John Barr
Nathaniel Burrows
John Robinson
George Eviston
Joseph Sargent
Isaac Colby
Alexander Stevens
William Houston
William Fellows
James Nesmith
Jonanthan Cheney
Samuel Rowell
William Sevrans
Jonathan Kelso
John Ferguson
Samuel Thompson
Nathaniel Sweetser
Dudley Balley
John Campbell
James Humphrey
James Taylor
Archibald Cunningham
William Burrows
Peter Robinson
Mansfield McDuffee
Nathaniel Cheney
James Moore
Thomas Carr
Samuel Spear
Samuel Cambell
William Ramsey
Robert Morrison
Thomas Wallace
Joshua Conant
Joseph Caldwell
Adam Dickey
William Adams
Thomas McClary
Hugh Watts
Andrew Todd
Thomas Wallace
Jesse Jones
Thomas Rogers
Ephraim Gregg
James Morison
John Watts
Allen Anderson
David Brewster
Jonathan Wallace
John Wallace
John Todd
John McClary
Joseph Hobbs
Joseph Steel
Samuel Brown
Samuel Taylor
John Stuart

Volunteers raised on 1 October 1777 to join the Continental Army at Saratoga:
Joseph Finlay
James Christy
Robert Adams
John Patterson
Jonathan Gilmore
Robert Wallace
Adam Dunlap
John McCoy
David Quinten
Samuel Gregg
Jonathan Holmes
John Moore
Peter Christy
William Hopkins
Joshua Lancaster
William Moore
John Taylor
Adam Johnson
John Adams
William Aiken
David Wilson
Thomas Morrison
William Alexander
Samuel Anderson
William McKeen
John Hunter
Moses Walton
John Walton
Samuel Dodge
Nathaniel Holmes

From a muster roll of Col. Henry Jackson’s regiment the following men from Londonderry, enlisted in 1777
John Nesmith
John Vance
John Bryant
Timothy Melon
John Mitchel

Londonderry bounties were paid for 20 volunteers for the Rhode Island service in 1778, but their names are not know except for Joseph McKeen.
Also in 1778 Jonathan Ferrin, Hugh Jameson and Francis Mitchel enlisted in the Continental Army.

1779 enlistments:
Thomas Rankin
Edward Colby
Richard Gillespie
James Campbell
Henry Weld
Peter Hakins
Robert Barber
David Richards
John King
John White
John Ross
Archibald Clark
John McCarty
Isaac Colby
Thomas Drew
Neal McGee
Windsor Golden

1780 enlistments:
John McCarty
William Thomas
Zoe With
John Clark
John Remmick
Pomp Sherburn
James Whaley
Windsor Golden
James Harris
Thomas Mitchel
Samuel Merrill
James McMahan
Jeremiah Fairfield

1781 enlistments:
Abner Andrews
Asa Andrews
Jonathan Black
Charles Burrows
John Ward
Allen Anderson
Archibald Clark
John Webb
Pomp Sherburne
Martin Byrne
James Burke
James Adams
David Morrison
Jeremiah Fairfield
John McCarty
John Pease
Daniel Marsh
James Boyes
James Blair
William Dickey
Thomas McLaughlin
Adam Dickey
William Eastman
Arthur Nesmith
Robert Thompson
James Gregg
Elijah Towns
Alexander McMurphy
Abraham Perry
John Mannyfold

1782 enlistments:
John McCurdy
Charles Cavenaugh

Serving for other towns:
John Hall for Deerfield
John Reed for Chichester
Daniel Callaghan for Atkinson
John Moloy for Hampton
James Keeff for Hampton
Thomas Mitchel for Hampton
Michael Keeff for Amherst

Also noted General George Reid, David MacGregor, Robert MacGregor, Matthew Thornton and others served as officers.

For lists of men and women on the war memorials of Londonderry Common (Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam), please see these links:
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  1. How nice to see my fifth great-grandfather, Samuel Cherry, listed, along with some great uncles by marriage. Thanks--again!--Heather, and thanks, too to all the fine men and women who have served our country, whether from Londonderry or elsewhere.