Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sinovas, Spain - Not So Wordless Wednesday

The parish church of St. Nicolas de Bari is located in the tiny village of Sinovas, in the province of Burgos, Spain.  This is the church where my father-in-law was baptized in 1931.  We have traced the family back to Manuel Rojo (born about 1750) and Juana Arauzo of Sinovas, and their son Tomas Rojo was baptized there on 7 March 1783.  Earlier records are not available in the parish office, nor at the archbishop's archives in Burgos.  The parish priest and villagers of Sinovas think the earlier parish records were hidden during the Napoleonic wars and never returned to the church.

The church was built in the 1200s.  The tower part of the church was built first as a defensive structure in the 11th century.  It was declared a National Monument on 9 July 1964.  The entire village of Sinovas has 134 inhabitants according to a 2008 report!

St. Nicolas de Bari Church
at our 2003 visit to Sinovas

a postcard showing medival decorations inside the church

this postcard shows the ceiling of the church

St. Nicolas de Bari after a 2010 restoration project

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