Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weird Search Terms 2011

It is halfway through the year 2011, and I've been having a good laugh lately at the search terms used by readers who use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Mocavo and other search engines and yet somehow end up at my website. I love how complete strangers can use Google and still end up finding good clues to their family history.  Usually I can see, on my statistics page, how these readers found "Nutfield Genealogy."   However, sometimes these search terms are weird and strange.   For some reason the following searches ended up at my blog:

find Lorenzo on the Londonderry civil war monument
"girl murdered near Pembroke academy”    (You have to be from NH to ask that one)
who was my great grandfather in Londonderry?”   -  (Yes, I’m good, but not THAT good!)
which ancestor came to Nutfield” –  (ditto)
the black guy who is a genealogist”   (I was a white woman the last time I looked)

Inventive Spelling seems to work, too!

arkives, archieves, ahchives-   that last one sounds just like a New England Yankee!
Ginialagy, gynialogy, jeanealogie,   (how did these end up at my blog?)
toom stone new hampsure     (also, how did this end up at my blog?  Autocorrect?)
Geniologic tree –    (ditto)
Cimitery, cemetarie, semitery    (ditto)
Nutfiled, Nuttfield, Nutffield, and (my very favorite) Nuttifields 
This next search term makes me happy, and I hope the results make searchers happy, too. I’ve received many comments and emails from descendants who simply say “Thanks!”  It was a good project to transcribe all the names on our local war memorials, and all geneabloggers should take on- see my blog post at
“[ insert any name]  War Memorial Londonderry”
The following are obscure names of members of my family tree, so the searchers MUST be cousins of mine.  Who else would even know these uncommon names?  Cousins, please leave me a message so we can exchange information!
Nicanor Zato
Romanus Emerson
Peter Hoogerzeil of Beverly
Abiah Folger
Tammy Younger witch
John Adams and Amelia Johnson    (this one MUST be a relative!)
Some of the top searches to reach my blog (so far this year 2011):
Uboat sightings 1915 Orduna
Princess Kaiulani Boston
Liliuokalani quilt
Scots Irish New Hampshire
1953 Worcester Tornado
The Shoe in Beverly
Chebogue Burial Ground
Thanksgiving Proclamation
revolutionary war discharge signed by george washington
salmon and peas for the 4th of july
[some of the above searches are exactly what I wrote about, as if my readers were clairvoyant!)

Google answers your questions via my blog!  Believe it or not, these were actually asked of Google this year by people out there in Cyberspace!  Try it in yourself to see the answers!

"a poem in boston newspaper in september, 1830 saved what?"
"Who was the witch of Dogtown?"
"Who did Joseph LePage murder?"
"Where is Sarah Henshaw's sampler?"
"How do I get to Fort Warren?"
"What is a gum copal worker?"
Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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