Friday, July 29, 2011

Taylor Family Reunion 2011

The Descendants of Matthew and Janet Taylor
are gathering in the Upper Village Hall,
Derry, New Hampshire. 

This quilt shows the Taylor family tree,
first generations, as an oak tree with acorns
symbolizing Nutfield (the original patent for Londonderry)
-click to enlarge-

Pat Taylor Jennings, the quiltmaker

On Friday afternoon the first Taylors began to gather

There were five large genealogy charts on the walls
for the children of Matthew and Janet Taylor

A hooked rug by Heather Taylor Facey
showing Matthew and Janet Taylor
arriving in America in 1719
(with another nut tree)
This is the 290th anniversary of the arrival of Scots Irish settlers Matthew and Janet Taylor in Londonderry (now Derry), New Hampshire from Northern Ireland.  The descendants are celebrating with a large family reunion this weekend.  Today they are gathering at the Upper Village Hall, and taking a tour of Forest Hill Cemetery with expert Dorothy Goldman.  Tonight they will attend the spaghetti supper at the First Church, across the street, the same congregation attended by the original Taylor settlers back in the days when it was a Presbyterian church.  Tomorrow are more reunion activities including a family picnic at the Taylor Up and Down Sawmill and a silent auction, which includes the quilt and hooked rug shown above, as well as other goodies.  When I dropped by this afternoon, the Taylors were all busy looking at genealogy information, which was posted on wall charts, and being shared on tables in books and more family trees.  It looks like the Taylors are going to have a fun weekend!

For more information on the Taylor Family see the website:

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