Friday, September 30, 2011

Follow Friday: New Blogs I’m Following, How about You?

Earlier this year there was a lot of activity on the Facebook group “Descendants of John Howland” led by a young college student, David Larsson. He posted many photos and stories about some of his ancestors.  Finally I asked him “Why don’t you start your own genealogy blog?”  He didn’t take much more prompting, because before I knew it he had several posts up at the "McRae and Anderson Blog"   I’m impressed that as a busy young person he has some great information on his family, many followers, and is still blogging even though I’m sure college classes have started up already. David Larsson’s blog follows his family tree all around southern Massachusetts. He recently deserted Facebook, and all his photos and stories on the Howland group disappeared with him. Be sure to follow him on his blog to keep up!

A Google alert for the words “Londonderry” and “Genealogy” led me to another new blog "Forgotten Journeys" by T. T. McQuaid at this link     I left him a comment, and we ended up as Facebook friends.   Serendipity!  He is my Londonderry neighbor, and started blogging in March, although I only recently discovered his website.   I hope to bump into Tim somewhere around Londonderry - in person, not just in cyberspace!  He was listed on the Geneablogger website in August. 

Another Google alert for the word "Londonderry" helped me to find “Uncontained Multitudes” by Robert Burnett at    The name of his blog was inspired by one of Walt Whitman’s poems, “Song of Myself”.   He was recently listed on the Geneablogger website.  He has an ancestor from the Revolutionary War,  Captain Samuel Cherry, born in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

And I want to wish a special "Thanks!" to Nancy Loe for mentioning me on her own Follow Friday post last week at her blog “Sassy Jane Genealogy” at this post   I’m so flattered!   I met Nancy briefly at the Southern California Genealogy Society's Jamboree earlier this year.

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  1. I popped on over to Sassy Jane's Genealogy blog thanks to you and definitely added hers to the ones I follow!

  2. Heather--Thanks for the mention of my blog! In addition to Capt Cherry, I should mention that I am also descended from Nutfield/Londonderry founders Thomas Steele and Martha Morrison. Robert

  3. Thank you for the publicity. I have 4 hit's from your site!

  4. Thanks, Heather for the blog mention. I appreciate the traffic!