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Surname Saturday- Wilkinson

Janet and Donald M. Wilkinson
(my great aunt and grandfather)

After blogging for more than two years, I finally decided to try participating in the Surname Saturday meme.  I usually don’t blog on weekends, but thanks to the magic of blogger, I can post this ahead of time.  Yes, it took me two years to learn how to do this!  Don’t laugh.  I'll be working my way through the family tree, tracing each surname in order. 

WILKINSON (my maiden name)

The first recorded Wilkinson in my line is Thomas Wilkinson.  He appears in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire records as marrying Elizabeth Caverly in August 1715.   The record reads “Tho. Wilkinson of London in Great Britain and Elizabeth Caverly of Portsmouth were married August 1715”.  From this I can see that he was probably an immigrant, with no other Wilkinsons before him in New England.  However, there were other Wilkinsons living nearby, including a Samuel Wilkinson born about 1722 who was living in Deerfield (a son? A cousin?) and a Wilkinson in New Castle (an island off Portsmouth), where his brother in law Moses Caverly lived.    These are important clues I continue to research, since all the New Hampshire/Maine Wilkinsons lived in close proximity and had similar naming patterns for their children.

Thomas Wilkinson was taxed for land in Barrington, New Hampshire in 1722, and in Portsmouth in 1727.  He was last taxed in 1732.  He died sometime before 1736 when his son is listed as “William Wilkinson, son of Elizabeth,  Oct. 17, 1736" (Records of the South Church of Portsmouth, New Hampshire).  His wife remarried to Phillip Jewel on 27 November 1739.

Generation 1.  Thomas Wilkinson, born about 1690, probably in London, England, died before 1739; married in August 1715 to Elizabeth Caverly, daughter of William Caverly and Mary Abbott.  Two known sons:  James and William (no further information). There were probably more children.

Generation 2.  James Wilkinson, born about 1730, died between 1796 and 1805 in Berwick, York County, Maine; married about 1753 to Hannah Mead, daughter of Thomas Mead and Hannah Stilson, born 9 August 1730 in Wakefield, New Hampshire, died before 1759.  Seven children.
                1. William, married Mercy Nason (my 4x great grandparents)
                2. James G., born 31 December 1753 in Newington, New Hampshire; married Mary
                3. Anna, born 16 June 1755 in Newington, New Hampshire; married Samuel Hearle
                4. Joseph, baptized 8 May 1757 in Berwick, Maine; married Dorcas Nason
                5. George, born about 1761; married Mehitable Whitehouse
                6. Samuel, born about 1761; married Hannah Turner
                7. Daniel, born about 1764; married Hannah Weymouth

Generation 3.  William Wilkinson, died after 1840; married on 7 February 1788 in South Berwick, Maine to Mercy Nason, daughter of Richard Nason and Mary Thompson, born about 1764 in Kittery, Maine. Three children.
                1. Willliam H., born about 1797, married Mary Lord
                2. George,  born about 1800, married Jane Furbish
                3. Aaron, born 22 February 1802, married Mercy F. Wilson (my 3x great grandparents)

Generation 4.  Aaron Wilkinson, born 22 February 1802 in South Berwick, Maine, died 25 November 1879 in Peabody, Massachusetts; married on 23 June 1829 in Danvers, Massachusetts to Mercy F. Wilson, daughter of Robert Wilson and Mary Southwick, born 17 June 1803 in Danvers, died 9 October 1883 in Peabody.  Eleven children.

                1. Robert Wilson, born 26 May 1830, married Phebe Cross Munroe
                2. George Washington,  born 10 February 1832; married Sally Richardson
                3. William Prescott, born 3 May 1833; married Sarah Ellen Proctor
                4. Samuel Warren, born 14 November 1835, died 28 November 1836
                5. Samuel Warren, born 15 November 1837, died 23 September 1844
                6. Henry Harrison, born 28 January 1841, died 4 Feb 1842
                7. Henry Harrison, born 30 May 1843, died 13 June 1917
                8. Margaret, born about Oct. 1844, died 4 September 1845
                9. Mary Elizabeth, born 1 Oct 1844, died 4 September 1845
                10. Abba, born about June 1846, died 23 December 1846
                11. Abby Wilson, born 17 June 1846, died 17 June 1846

Generation 5.  Robert Wilson Wilkinson, born 26 May 1830 in Salem, Massachusetts, died 23 March 1874; married on 24 November 1853 to Phebe Cross Munroe, daughter of Luther Simonds Munroe and Olive Flint, born 28 October 1830 in Danvers, died 31 January 1895 in Salem, Massachusetts.  Three children.
                1. Robert Henry, born 14 January 1855; married Eliza Harris Poor
                2. Walter, born 3 November 1856, died 2 April 1858
                3. Albert Munroe, born 7 November 1860; married Isabella Lyons Bill (my great grandparents)

Generation 6. Albert Munroe Wilkinson, born 7 November 1860 in Danvers, died 12 May 1908 at the Corey Hill Hospital, Brookline, Massachusetts; married on 18 October 1894 to Isabella Lyons Bill, daughter of Caleb Rand Bill and Ann Margaret Bollman, born January 1863 in Machias, Maine, died 19 January 1935 in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Two children.
                1. Donald Munroe, born 23 October 1895; married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)
                2. Janet, born 14 June 1898; married William John Blades


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  1. We've briefly discussed our Wilkinson's before, but mine were in VA in 1776 (maybe earlier- I have some notes that seem to show a John or Joseph as the immigrant ancestor from Ireland to VA). But my Asahel Wilkinson was b. 1776 in VA and died 1861 in Ohio. His son, Thomas, was born 1798 in VA and died in 1879 in Allen Co., IN. Would be fun to find a connection!

  2. An interesting note: I have a William C. Anderson(born 1911 in Salem) who married Libbey Wilkinson. When I saw Danvers, I checked my records...I have paternal famiy roots in the Salem, Danvers, Beverly and Marblehead areas.

  3. Heather, I'm glad to see this, as well as quite a few familiar names.