Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ McDuffee

This ledger stone is located at Forest Hill Cemetery, Derry, New Hampshire.  All the inscription is crowded in the top of this gravestone, and the rest of the stone is blank!  It is a very large stone, with plenty of room for the rest of the family, but apparently they were buried elsewhere?

The path of the just is as the shining light 
and Mrs. RUTH his wife
 HE departed this Life Apr
the 2d 1767 In the 76th Year
of his age.
Likewise the departed wife
Novr ye 9 1778. In the 86th Year
of her age. 

a detail of the carving

This style of gravestone
is called a ledger stone
Daniel McDuffee was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland about 1692.  He married Ruth Britton about 1717 in Northern Ireland, and had nine children. He was a blacksmith and locksmith in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and died on 2 April 1767.  His parents, John and Martha McFee/McDuffee came to Northern Ireland from Argyleshire, Scotland.

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder where all the kids went for burial? This is one of those table type headstones - I seem to remember one of my ancestors brought one from England with him on the ship, partially carved with his full name, birthdate, birthplace. Now, I'll have to go look this all up again! Wonderful details to share, Heather.

  2. Hi Heather. This was very cool to find, as Daniel is a direct descendent of mine and is the first of our name to travel to the States. I was planning to check the site out later this year. Do you have a general location in the cemetery we should look to find it? Or is there a map available that would tell us where to look? Thanks!

    1. Keith, this stone is located along "Settler's Row", which is directly behind the church rear parking lot. If you are there during business hours, there is a cemetery office in the building right next to the parking lot. The superintendent can point out this stone for you.

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