Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weathervane Wednesday - Is a Wind Sock a Weathervane?

I'm nearing the end of this weathervane series.  There are only so many weathervanes in the Nutfield area (Londonderry and Derry, New Hampshire).    This is one of the last weathervanes I will be posting in the next two months on Wednesdays.

As a challenge, I publish the locations at the bottom of the post so you can see the photo first.  After you guess you can scroll down to the bottom to see the location.

Do you know the location of weather vane #27?

A windsock is a type of weathervane used at airports.  This one was photographed at the Manchester Airport, just on the Londonderry side of the border by the runway.   Windsocks indicate wind direction, just like a weathervane, and also indicate the wind speed by the angle of the fabric cone.  They are used at airports, yacht clubs, and even at chemical plants.  Decorative windsocks are popular in Japan.

The first airfield was built in Manchester in 1927.  In the 1930s a neighborhood kid, Alan Shepard, ran errands here!  During World War II the airport was expanded as Grenier Field.  In 1961 the art-deco style terminal was replaced with a "modern" building, that was replace again in 1992 with an even more modern terminal and runway expansion.  In 2004 the small art-deco style terminal was moved across the runway and converted into the New Hampshire Aviation Museum.

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Manchester Airport historical information

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