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The Anderson Farm

There were several Anderson farms in Londonderry.  One was located on Nashua Road, now known as Route 102, approximately where the Apple tree Mall and Hess Gas station are today.  The other, still standing, is on Mammoth Road near the Windham border, on the corner of Bockes Road.  Across the street, on the corner of Chase Road, is a monument to the Anderson family and it lists the names of the men who owned the land over the years. 

The Anderson family lived in Londonderry since the 1720s.   Obviously this house was built much later.   Several years ago the huge barn that outsized the house was removed, and a parcel of land behind the house was developed into several smaller house lots.  There was an older salt box style house on the other side of Mammoth Road, too. 

The Anderson Genealogy:

Generation 1: The first immigrant from Northern Ireland to Londonderry was James Anderson, who settled east of the turnpike in the Double Range of what is now Derry, New Hampshire. 

Generation 2: His son, Samuel, mentioned above, was born abut 1730 and married Martha Craig.  He lived on the present Anderson farm on Beaver Brook in the southern part of Londonderry. 

Generation 3: Samuel, Jr., born about 1755 was a soldier in the American Revolution and had only one child, David. 

Generation 4: David Anderson was born in Londonderry about 1780 and married Rebecca Davidson.   All of David, Jr.’s children died of spotted fever except for Francis born in 1807. 

Generation 5: Francis Davidson Anderson married Jane Davidson, and lived on the homestead. He was a representative in the New Hampshire legislature in 1850.  Francis Anderson built the big house which still stands today in 1830, and various features such as the porch and the round tower were added later.

Generation 6: William H. Anderson was born 12 January 1836 and died in Lowell on 14 April 1902.  He graduated from Yale University in 1859 and became a lawyer.  He married Mary Hine of Springfield, Massachusetts.  They had one surviving child.

Generation 7:  Frances Welton Anderson was born 20 December 1877 in Lowell.  She married Dr. E. J. Gillette of Waterbury, Connecticut.  The Gillettes summered in an old saltbox house across Mammoth Road and behind the monument.  The big house and farm passed into the hands of a family named Clark.
This monument is on the corners of
Chase and Mammoth Road, on the Windham border
The Anderson Farm
First Settled in 1720
Saml. Anderson 1720 -1794
His son Saml. 1794 – 1796
His son David 1796- 1819
His son Frank D. 1819 – 1866
His son Wm. H. 1866

For more information:

Londonderry, by the Londonderry Historical Society, Acadia Publishing Company, 2004, page 128 has an old photo of the Anderson farm.

A sketch of William H. Anderson in History of Lowell and its People, by Frederick William Coburn, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1920, Volume 2, page 77 – 79.

Early Londonderry: Tidbits and Historical Sketches, compiled by the Londonderry Historical Society, 1968, Volume III, for a sketch of the Anderson family and the farm see pages 105 – 109.

UPDATE 27 January 2013

New information from Nancy Britts, an Anderson descendant. 

Source:  History of Acworth with the Proceedings of the Centennial Anniversary, Genealogical
         Records and Register of Farms by Rev. J. L. Merrill, Town of Acworth, 1869, page 180
    James Anderson was one of the first sixteen settlers of Londonderry.
    SAMUEL ANDERSON, his grandchild, whose father's name was Robert, settled in Acworth, 1793,
married Anna Alexander.
    SAMUEL ANDERSON, his nephew and son of David, came to Acworth in 1795, married Jane Campbell
- children
I.,    Anna
II.,   David C., married Martha L. Brigham (see Brigham family) - children
    1,    Mary E.
    2,    Walter H.,  died young
    3,    Emma E.
    4,    George W.
    5,    Alice L.
III.,    Horace, married first, Lucinda Blanchard; married second, Isa Dora Burnham, residence
Windham - children
    1,    Samuel H.
IV.,    Milon, married Lucy M. Weston, residence Windham.
V.,    Sarah J., married Charles Abbot, residence Windsor, Vermont - children
    1, Jennie S.
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  1. My family tree does not agree with this. I am Daniel Anderson, my tree on shows James Anderson as my 8th great grandfather.