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Surname Saturday ~ Treadwell of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Thomas Treadwell, the immigrant, arrived in New England on board the Hopewell  in the second voayage of 1635 with his wife and infant son, Thomas.   He lived first at Dorchester Neck, Massachusetts.  He was admitted a freeman in Ipswich in 1638 and bought “Treadwell Island.”  There is a Treadwell/Tredwell family from Long Island believed to be descended of a brother of Thomas Treadwell, but this has not been confirmed.

“Estate of Thomas Treadwell, Sr. of Ipswich
This 1st of June 1671 This is to mak knowne that I Thomas Tredwell Senior of Ipswich being at this presnt by gods prowidenc in perfit memory though Weak in body do mak this my last Will and Testament wherein I do giue to my son Thomas Tredwell the Illand he now dwells in With the medows and Aportenences belonging to them also I giue half my cominag belonging to my house to him and his for euer Also I giue to him the thirty pound he has of min in his hand and at his mothers death I will giue to Thomas Ten pound to be paid him by his brother Nathaniell out of that which I giue to him and if that the half Cominag wch I giue to Thomas will not stand my Will is that between them [do] purchas on to it and When my son Nathaniell has injoyed my lott at Plum Illand five year I giue it to my son Thomas for euer and in consideration of what I do giue my son Thomas I will that he pay to my wif during her lif three pound a year Toward her maintenance and if he faile of it he shall forfeit ten pound for euery year he failes also I will that my son Thomas to mow and mak and bring hom A load of Crick thach a year so long as she liues Also I giue to my son Nathaniell my house and barn my upland and medows belonging to it and the other half of the cominage only my wife so long as liues is to inioy half of the improued ground and my son Nathaniell is to tend it for her and to bring it hom and is to haue half of her shar for his paines and my son Nathaniell is to maintain all the fences and to pay all Comon Charges and to keep the hous and barren in repair also my Wif to haue the benefit of the keeping of four Cows and six sheep vpon the pasture also the Winttering fiue head of Cattle and sixe sheep to mow and make the hay and bring it into his Barren and to tend thes fiue head and sixe sheep as his owne and this so long as she liues and my Wif to hau her firwood out of the pastur and her dwelling in the hous her lif also I giue to my son Nathaniell After my  wif has chosen her four cows half of the rest of my cattle [and of the hors kind in Thomas hand] and if Nathaniell faile of any thing he is to do for my Wif my wil is that he shal forfet ten pound euery year he failes also I giue to my wife all my household goods to be at her own disposing and if my Wif hau amind to remou herself to any of her other children that Nathaniell is to Allow her the worth of her shar in Corne and haye and my Wif is not to bring in my sister Bachellor to molest the familye Also I giue to my daughter Mary fifteen pound and my daughter Ester fifteen pound and Martha fifteen pound and I make my Wif my Execcetrix of this my will only I joyn my son [nathaniell] to be Asistant to her in it and I mak my louing friends Theophilus Wilson and John Layton my overseers of it and Decon Knoulton in witness wherof I set to my hand the day abou written
Thomas [his T T mark] Tredwell
Witness: Theophilus Wilson, John Lighton
Proved in Ipswich court Sept. 26, 1671 by the witnesses.”
Essex County Probate Files, Docket 28, 115

There is not much material about the early Treadwells in books and articles.   There is a book Thomas Treadwell of Ipswich, Massachusetts and some of his Descendants, by William A. Robbins in the catalog at available at Family History Centers on microfilm #1486614 and also at, but strangely it is not available at the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 

There is a short sketch of Thomas Treadwell in the Genealogical Dictionary of New England by James Savage, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, Volume IV, page 325.  The Ipswich and Salem Vital Records have most of the births, baptisms, marriages and deaths from my lineage.   There is another very accurate sketch of the descendants of Thomas Treadwell in the book History of Newfields, New Hampshire, 1638 – 1911, by James Hill Fitts,  Concord, NH, 1912, pages 659 – 661.

See for a passenger list of the second voyage of the ship Hopewell in the autumn of 1635.

For spelling variations, check Tredwell, Treadle, Treddle, Treedle and Threadwell. 

I have two Treadwell lineages below:

Generation 1:  Thomas Treadwell, baptized on 4 December 1603 at St. Anne’s, Epwell, Oxfordshire, England and he died 8 June 1671 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married about 1633 in England to Mary Taylor, daughter of Samuel Taylor, born about 1605 in London, died 1 December 1685 in Ipswich. Five children:
1.  Thomas, baptized 15 July 1634 at St. Giles, Cripplegate, London, married Sarah Titcomb
2.  Mary, born 29 September 1636 in Ipswich, married John Gaines
3.  Nathaniel (see below)
4.  Esther, born 21 March 1641 in Ipswich, married Daniel Hovey
5.  Martha, born 16 March 1643 in Ipswich, married Robert Cross

Generation 2: Nathaniel Treadwell, born 13 March 1637 in Ipswich, died 11 January 1726; married on 19 June 1661 in Ipswich to Abigail Wells, daughter of Thomas Wells and Abigail Warner.  She died on 16 June 1667. Seven children:
1.  Abigail, born 2 February 1663
2.  Mary, (see below)
3.  Nathaniel, born 15 January 1668
4.  Hannah, born 7 February 1670, married John Adams
5.  Thomas, born 25 May 1670, died 1672
6.  Sarah, born 15 August 1674, married John Swett
7.  Nathaniel, (see below)

Generation 3: Mary Treadwell, born 22 October 1665 in Ipswich, died on 6 January 1722 in Salem, Massachusetts; married on 28 January 1684/5 in Salem Village to Samuel Stone, son of Robert Stone and Sarah Shaflin, born on 23 January 1657 in Salem, died 6 January 1723 in Salem.  Eleven Children.

Generation 4. Mary Stone married Isaac Wilson
Generation 5. Robert Wilson married Elizabeth Southwick
Generation 6. Robert Wilson married Sarah Felton
Generation 7. Robert Wilson married Mary Southwick
Generation 8. Mercy F. Wilson married Aaron Wilkinson
Generation 9. Robert Wilson Wilkinson married Phebe Cross Munroe
Generation 10. Albert Munroe Wilkinson married Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 11. Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

Generation 3: Nathaniel Treadwell, born 13 June 1677 at Ipswich, died 17 August 1723 in Ipswich; married before 1698 to Hannah Unknown.  Seven children born in Ipswich:
1.  Jacob, born 24 January 1699, married Sarah Cotton
2. Nathaniel, born 10 September 1700, married Mercy Smith
3. Charles, born May 1705, married Mary Kelly
4. Nathan, born 7 March 1707, died before 1711
5. Hannah, born 25 September 1709, married John Smith
6. Nathan, born 7 October 1711, died before 1723
7. Jabez (see below)

Generation 4.  Jabez Treadwell, born 9 August 1713 in Ipswich, died 22 December 1780 in Ipswich; married on 20 November 1736 in Ipswich to Lucy Haskell, daughter of Mark Haskell and Martha Tuthill, born on 21 May 1715 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, died 21 September 1789 in Ipswich.   See this link for a story about Jabez and his will.   Eleven children born in Ipswich:
1.  Jabez,  baptized 21 October 1739; married Elizabeth Burnham
2. William, baptized 12 March 1737
3. Lucy, baptized 21 December 1740
4. Hannah, born 3 January 1743; married Aaron Perkins
5. Sarah, baptized 2 February 1746; married Michael Kinsman
6. Samuel, baptized 11 October 1747; married Mary Burnham
7. William, baptized 14 January 1749, married Mary Unknown
8. Nathaniel (see below)
9. Martha, baptized 9 May 1756
10. Elizabeth, baptized 26 March 1758
11. Daniel, baptized 3 January 1759

Generation 5.  Nathaniel Treadwell, baptized on 28 October 1753 in Ipswich, died on 2 January 1822 in Ipswich; married on 17 July 1786 in Ipswich to Mary Hovey.  Five children born in Ipswich:
1.  Nathaniel, born 23 April 1787; married Elizabeth Smith
2. Jabez (see below)
3. John, born 20 November 1790, married Clarinda Newmarch
4. Samuel, born 24 April 1793, died before 1833
5. William, born 16 January 1797; married Dorothy Jackman

Generation 6. Jabez Treadwell, born on 17 October 1788 in Ipswich, died on 4 November 1840 in Salem; married on 17 October 1811 in Marblehead, Massachusetts to Betsey Jillings Homan, daughter of Thomas Homan and Tabitha Glover, baptized on 14 October 1792 at the Unitarian Church in Marblehead, died on 6 April 1874. Seven children born in Salem:
1.  Eliza Ann, (see below)
2.  Malvina, baptized on 20 November 1814, married David Hart
3. Mary Hovey, born 16 October 1816, married John Wills
4. Jabez, born 11 November 1818
5. Sarah Ellen, born 10 July 1821, married John Learock
6. Caroline F.,  born 1822, married Andrew Tucker Chipman
7.  William H., born 9 April 1827

Generation 7. Eliza Ann Treadwell, born 27 August 1812 in Salem, died 31 January 1896 in Salem; married on 4 December 1836 in Salem to Abijah Hitchings, son of Abijah Hitchings and Mary Cloutman, born on 18 January 1809 in Salem, died 18 January 1864 in Salem.

Generation 8.  Abijah Franklin Hitchings married Hannah Eliza Lewis
Generation 9. Arthur Treadwell Hitchings married Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
Generation 10. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings married Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

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  1. Heather, we have another connection. I've got Thomas Treadwell and Mary Taylor also.

  2. Thomas Treadwell married Mary Wilson: see Descendants of Rev. Thomas Wilson at NEHGR 163:13-14. This family is also treated in the latest Great Migration Volume (1634-1635), volume VII T-Y.

  3. Thanks Martin, I haven't seen the new last volume of The Great Migration yet. Someone else just emailed me about the Treadwell sketch in there.

  4. Great addition to our Treadwell genes! I really appreciate the will. Good work.

  5. Mary Wilson Treadwell's sister Martha and brother-in-law Henry Bachelor had become Quakers which really upset many family members. That's why Thomas uses his will to instruct his wife not to allow her sister in the house "to molest the familye" after he's gone.