Monday, February 13, 2012

Genealogy Terms in Other Languages

I'm starting a compiled list of genealogy terms in other languages.  If you have a page or post on your website or blog, leave me a comment here or an email at and I'll add it to this compendium:

French  by Lucie Consentino

French Canadian, including abbreviations by Stephen Charles Eno

German, three vocabulary lists thanks to reader Muriel Parker! 


Hebrew -  Thanks to Jennifer Schoer

Spanish -  (there is one error, cuñado is brother-in-law says Randy Clark who contributed this link.  He also adds sobrenombre, apodo = nickname, matrimonio = couple, and pareja= partner, couple)

Wabanaki  kinship, family, and other vocabulary in the Wabanaki language (Native Americans in New England, Quebec and the Maritime provinces)


Babelfish translation service -

Not very reliable, but use this in a pinch

From this is a link to several major European languages with genealogy word guides

When we have several links here, you can bookmark this post and keep it for future reference!

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  1. Please make first the English Terms List assembled with the definition of those terms. Then I would try to translate them into Japanese.

  2. Baba Age, I have no list of terms. You can look at the two examples I listed first (Hawaiian and French) for examples. Anything you can provide on kinship, months and dates, family relationships in Japanese would be greatly appreciated.

    1. OK. I'll try some later as an exercise of myself (the problem is my poor English :P, but for now I'm struggling to make the first official release of Zelkova Tree Beta, our multi-lineage genealogy builder. So give me sometime please. 馬場英治(Baba Age)

  3. Heather, Here is the French list that I always refer to. It's not mine, but it's good.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have a lot of relatives from France so I think this french link will be very helpful. I love doing internet genealogy but it gets frustrating when I don't know what it says! Thanks again!