Monday, May 14, 2012

Founder's Park, More Family Names

In my first post about Founder's Park in Hampton, New Hampshire I offered to post the photographs of the surname stones.  Several readers made requests last week, and here are two more stones requested by reader Shelley Bishop (who is also related to Reverend Stephen Bachiller in the first post).  Shelley is the author of the "A Sense of Family" blog

SANBORN- the first Sanborns in New Hampshire were three grandsons of the Reverend Stephen Bachiler (John, William and Stephen) who arrived with him in 1632.  I am also a Sanborn descendant through John, who married Margaret Page.

MARSTON- William Marston came first to Salem, Massachusetts and then to Hampton about 1636.  He was a Quaker, and he suffered religious persecution both in England and in New Hampshire.

My first post on Founder's Park, May 10, 2012 (here you will find the list of 43 surnames memorialized by the surname stones):

My second post on Founder's Park, May 11, 2012:

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and information, Heather. Not being from the area, I was unaware of the stones in Founder's Park. I think a research trip will be in my future!

    1. Shelley, the historical society and their archives are right across the street. They maintain records on all the families (especially Batchelder and Sanborn). Nearby is the church with another memorial plaque to Rev. Bachiller. Lots to see in Hampton, as well as a terrific beach and beautiful seacoast to explore.

  2. Interesting! My maternal grandmother is a Sanborn, grew up near Portsmouth, NH. She would tell us all sorts of stories and interesting facts about the family history going all the way back to the 1600s. I am also descended from Rev. Bachiler via John Sanborn (1620-1692).