Friday, May 11, 2012

Founder's Park ~ Some Family Names to Share

Yesterday in my post about Founder's Park in Hampton, New Hampshire, I offered to post photos of the surname stones that ring the park.  There are 43 stones, and I didn't have room for them all, so I asked readers to let me know the names of their ancestors.  Here are some requests from readers:

CHASE, requested by Pam Reid Chainey and Polly Kimmett, author of the "Polly Blog" at  Aquila Chase arrived in Hampton in 1639 with the second band of settlers with Timothy Dalton, who became the associate pastor of the Hampton church.

GOVE, my friend Dick McKenney's ancestors.  The first Gove in New Hampshire was Edward, who arrived in 1665 from Salisbury, Massachusetts. Edward Gove was arrested and sentenced to be executed, but Governor Cranefield was afraid to sentence him to death and sent him to the Tower of London.  He was eventually pardoned and returned to New Hampshire.

HEALEY, relatives of mine, and also ancestors of Randy Seaver, author of the blog "GeneaMusings" at    Samuel Healey was a son of William Healey of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

PERKINS, requested by Midge Frazel, author of the blog "Granite in my Blood"   Abraham Perkins was admitted as a freeman in Hampton in 1640.

If you have an ancestor from Hampton, especially one from the list of 43 surnames at my post  contact me by leaving a comment below or an email and I will try to do another post with a photograph of your ancestor's stone at Founder's Park.

If your ancestor's name is not on the list, and you can show they arrived in Hampton prior to 1695, please contact the Hampton Historical Society about having your family's surname stone erected at Founder's Park

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