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Surname Saturday ~ Bailey


First Church in Rowley, Mass. 
James Bailey, and his brother, Richard Bailey, were both early settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts. Richard arrived in 1638 on the ship “Bevis”.   He was voted as “pinder” or “Pound keeper” of the town pound, in 1660.  He was active in the life of the First Church of Rowley, and is in the 1678 records when he testified that the Reverend Mr. Phillips was of “unborotherly and unchristian carriage”.  He was also an overseer of the poor, and selectman in Rowley, Massachusetts. 

James Bailey’s will transcribed by   

James Bayley of Rowley being weake of body, but pfect in understanding and memory, do make this my 
last will and Testament, in manner & forms as followeth, After my debts are payd I do give and Bequeath, the rest of the estate, God hath given me as followeth, I doe give unto my daughters Lidia Platts and Demaris Leaver each of them, Twenty pound a peece and to my daughter Platts, seven pound more, which is in the hands of Thomas Remington , she is to have that seven pounds when it is due the twenty pounds a peece, that I do give unto my two daughters, to be payd in four years time, Also I do give unto my Eldest son John all that land and meadow, and meadow, that he is now possesed of and halfe of the farme, that I purchased of mr Rogers and that Land, that Goodman Jackman doth improve, from merimack River downe to the meadow, my meaneing is from the River, untill it doth come, as far as mr Phillips his meadow, or the peece comonly cald the five acres, and the rest of that land, that goodman Jackman doth hire, that is betweene the sayd fives acres, and crane meadow, to be equally divided, between my son John and James. Also I doe give unto my son John Bayley, four acres of land more or less lyeing at the Plainse comonly cald, the Rye Plaine. Also I do give unto my son James Bayley, all my lands and meadow that I am possessed off in the  Towne of Rowley, with all the buildings upon the same together with that two acres of meadow that I purchased of goodman Lyon wch was sometimes Phillip Nellsons of Rowley, the other halfe of the ffarme, that I purchased of mr Rogers both upland and meadow, I do give unto my sonn James Bayley, also I do give unto my son John Bayley one ox gate, in east end ox pasture of Rowley and thre cow gates, and to my sone James two ox gates, in the sd pasture and thre cow gates. Also I doe give unto my wife, one third part of my lands in Rowley that James is to have, for her life tyme, and my son James for to alow her or pay to her one third part that the halfe farme that I have given him doth yearly produce, also my son John is to pay to her one third pt that the half farme I have given him doth yearly pduce, and this both of them to pay dureing her life, my meaneing is, when I say, wt it doth yearly pduce, is on third part of the rent of it, wt it is lett for, also I doe give unto my wife one third part of my houshold good, within dores & without. I doe give unto my son James Allso all my apparrell I do give unto my son John, and I do make my son James Bayley sole executor of this my last will & testament. Also my will is, that if my daughter Platts or my daughter Lever doe dye before the legasies, that I do give them be payd that then the sayd legasies bo payd to their children, and this I do deliver as my last will August the 8 1677.

James Bayley

Phillip Nellson
Ezekeill Northeand
Edna Northend

Proved in Ipswich court Sept 25, 1677 by the witnesses.

For more information:

History of Rowley, by Thomas Gage, 1840

Historical and Genealogical Researches in the Merrimack Valley, by Alfred Poor, Salem, 1858

Bailey Genealogy:  James, John and Thomas and their Descendants, by Gertrude E. Bailey, Abbie F. Ellsworth, William H. Reed and Hollis R. Bailley, originally in three parts, 1934, now there is a 1984 reprint by Parker River Researchers, P.O. Box 86, Newbury port, Massachusetts.   See link at

My Bailey Lineage:
Generation 1:  James Bailey, born about 1612 in England, died 10 August 1677 in Rowley, Massachusetts; married about 1640 to Lydia Unknown, born about 1616 in England and died 29 April 1704.  Eight children.

Generation 2:  Lydia Bailey, born September 1644 in Rowley, died 24 November 1722 in Rowley; married on 8 May 1672 in Rowley to Abel Platts, son of Samuel Platts and Sarah Bates.  He was born about 1650 in Sowerby, Yorkshire, England and died in 1690 during a military expedition to Cape Breton, Canada.  Four children.

Generation 3: Moses Platts m. Hannah Platts
Generation 4: Moses Platts m. Ruth Williams
Generation 5: Sarah Platts m. George Southwick
Generation 6: Mary Southwick m. Robert Wilson
Generation 7: Mercy F. Wilson m. Aaron Wilkinson
Generation 8: Robert Wilson Wilkinson m. Phebe Cross Munroe
Generation 9: Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 10: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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  1. I'm related to Richard Bailey - 10th great grandfather.

    1. Hi Pam - Just came across this website. Richard'd brother, James, and
      his wife, Lydia, are my 8th great grandparents. Do you have any knowledge
      as to when and where Richard married Edna Halstead? We can find no record
      of this marriage in either Yorkshire or in Rowley, MA. Trying to prove
      if he came from Almondbury in Yorkshire or if he is from Wiltshire to the
      south of the country.;

      Glen Bailey, Portland, Oregon (

  2. Hi Heather-- another cousin connection! I'm descended from Richard Bailey. My 3rd great-grandmother was a Bailey. :-)

  3. Hi Heather,
    Well, I don't have a Richard Bailey ancestor, but since we have other common ancestors, I thought I'd throw around a few surnames of my ancestors from Rowley and see if we connect with any of them: Acye, Boynton, Clarke, Harriman, Hunt, Jewett, Keyes, Sawyer, Swan and Wood. Aloha, Donna

    1. My 7th great grandfather, Capt. Jonathan Bailey was married twice,
      in Rowley, MA. His second wife was Sarah Jewett. Hers is one of a very
      few old graves in Rowley Pioneer Cemetery that are still legible.
      His son, Jonathan Bailey (Jr.) was married to Bridget Boynton, daughter
      of Deacon Joseph Boynton. She was born in 1702-3.

      Glen Bailey

  4. Donna, sounds like we're cousins as well-- I have Acies, Boyntons, Harrimans, Jewetts, and Swans in my tree from Rowley/Essex County.

  5. Donna - *sigh* I looked at your Baileys, hoping against hope that I would see a connection to Thomas Bayley married in New London, CT in 1656. He is one of my brick walls. I can find nothing about him (nor can anyone else) before arriving in New London. I believe he came from MA, because that's where early New London settlers came from. Oh well, another day, another brick in the wall. Tim Bailey