Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Holt Family Plot in Honolulu

The Holt Family Plot can be found at the Oahu Cemetery on Nu'uanu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Holt Plot
The first members of the Holt family in Hawaii are buried at the Kawaiahoa Church cemetery in a mausoleum.  The Holt vault is the resting place of Robert William Holt and his second wife, Caroline Tauwati Robinson.  His first wife, Ann Marie Jones, sister of my 4x great grandmother Catherine (Jones) Younger, is buried in Boston.  They were the daughters of Owen Jones and Elizabeth Lambert of Boston.  Their sister, Mary Lambert Jones married Capt. John Dominis, and her son was Governor John Owen Dominis, husband of Queen Liliuokalani.

Robert W. Holt (1792 - 1862) came to Hawaii, and sent for his two daughters, Elizabeth and Annie, to join him in Honolulu.  He remarried to Wati in 1835 in Honolulu, at the Seaman's Bethel by Rev. Samuel Damon,  and had four sons, one - Owen Jones Holt (1842 - 1891) is buried in the vault.

HANAKAULANI 1842 - 1904


1866 - 1922

Owen Jones Holt, Junior (1866 - 1922) is buried here at this plot, along with his mother,   Hanakaulani-o-kamamalu (1843 - 1904).  The other gravestones here are his descendants and relatives. I'll list the names on the other stones in this plot:

Daniel Lorenzen Holt
Richard Harding Holt "Uncle Mick"
C. Vickars Holt "Kepoikai"
Emma Daniels Holt
John D. Holt  (1861 - 1916)
James R. Holt and Katherine C. Holt
Herbert Marshall Pereira
Hanakaulani Ahulii Ferreira
John D. Holt (1885 - 1950) and May Ellen Bailey
Samuel N. Holt
Erminie Holt MacKenzie
Ellen Holt Finlay
John Dominis Holt IV (1919 - 1993) and Frances Damon "Patches"
Lizzie H. Richardson
Arma P. Peelua
Elizabeth Richardson Hart
Owen Jone Holt

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  1. I really like that you have these early family connections to Hawaii, even before it was made a state. There's a lesson there, somewhere ...

  2. How cool to stumble upon my family plot on a New England blog! I grew up visiting this place and my dad, Samuel N. Holt is buried here, as you saw. I guess we're distant cousins!

  3. I have recently spent hours looking through your blog and reading the information you have posted about my family. I cannot even begin to have any idea of the thousands of hours you have spent researching and writing....and even travelling, so that you can become more knowledgeable about your family's lineage. Hanakaulaniokamamalu was my Great Great Grandmother. I have a picture of her that my mother gave to me and would be glad to scan it so you may have a copy. Let me know...and please keep blogging about The Fabulous Holt's of Hawaii!!!

    1. I would love a photo of Hanakaulaniokamamalu! Please send a copy to my email vrojomit@gmail.com, along with any memories or stories and I will post a special blog story about her. Thank you so much for making the connection to my blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

    2. Heather-
      Have you read or are you even familiar with the story that ran in the Honolulu Star Bulliten in the 50's called Tales of Hawaii:The Fabulous Holts? Its basically the story of how the Holts came to be, starting with Robert William then ending with my Great Grandfather, Christopher Jones Holt. I have a copy if you would like one. I would have to mail it to you as its just way too much to scan.Let me know. Some photos are coming your way....enjoy! BTW, my name is Robyn if I didnt mention it before.

  4. Hello cousin Robyn,
    I have a transcription of the Fabulous Holts given to me by Sheri Iona. Thank you so much for your kind offer, but I don't need two! I appreciate all your help, and I'll see you over at the Holt Facebook group?

  5. Aloha e Heather,
    Just came across an article about Family Ties in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and Robert W Holt who, as the article states, came to Hawaiʻi about 1835 from Boston. Nicholas Holt 1602-1685 is my 9th great grandfather... thru his son, Nicholas 1647-1715 (b. & d. Andover, Essex, MA0; his son, Capt. Joshua Holt 1703-1787 (b. Andover, MA, d.Hampton, Windham, CT); his daughter, Dinah Holt 1725-1806 who married Timothy Pearl; their dau. Lois Pearl 1753-1788 who married Samuel Dunton; their son, Amasa Dunton 1772-1836 who married Mercy Taylor; their son, Nathaniel Freeman Dunton 1803-1889 who married Saphira Smith; their son, Corydon Dunton aka Corydon Dunton Rose 1836-1916, my 2X great grandfather. All this leads to my question... where might Robert W Holt fit into this picture? Is he part of this Holt family? Do you know who his parents are? Any info you might be willing to share with me will be most gratefully received... mahalo nui....

    1. Hi, Lynda! Robert William Holt is believed to be the son of Christopher Holt and Elizabeth Milray. They were married on 2 August 1791 in St. Peter's Church in Liverpool, England. Robert William Holt was born about 1792 in Liverpool, England. He was not from Massachusetts or New England. There are several sources for information on the Holt family, including the "Fabulous Holts" articles and the book "Recollections" by John Dominis Holt. There is a marriage announcement, too, in the newspaper "Rhode Island American & Providence Gazette" dated October 13, 1838 that reads "MARRIED - In Boston, Mr. Robert W. Holt, late of Liverpool, England, to Miss Ann M. S. JONES, daughter of Mr. Owen JONES of Boston." The 1830 Boston directory lists him as a mariner living at 255 Ann Street. He arrived in Honolulu about 1833 according to his obituary in "Pacific Commericial Advertiser" dated July 10, 1862, which stated he had been a resident for 29 years. Their daughter's tombstone, Anne Marie Holt, can be seen at this blog post: https://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-memorial-for-annie-marie-holt-hawaii.html

  6. I really wanna connect with my Holy ohana. Especially the ones on Oahu. I didnt really grew up with my dads family his name is Robert Napunako M. Holt. His father is Robert William Holt. I connected a few family members in Waianae but I only tell them happy holidays etc on Instagram. But we all should get together have a Holt reunion. Idk I just want my family together again. Also want to get to know my cousin all my cousins