Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day ~ Derry, NH's Afghanistan and Iraq Memorial

This honor roll was installed in Derry, New Hampshire's MacGregor Park, next to the public library.  There are honor rolls nearby for each military conflict since World War I.  I'm sure that since the onflicts in the Middle East are still on-going, more names will be added in the near future.

Names list from Top to Bottom (not alphabetical):

Daniel Dawe
Colleen Manning
Robert Hoaglund
Ian James
Eric Pierce
Barbara Strangman
Edmund Keefe
Joseph Cunningham
Erik Jerome
Bryan Boucher
Daniel Forseman
Gary Belcher
Joseph Perry
Joel Cameron
Eric Bausewein
Shamus LaFrance
James Bebeau
Joseph Weaver
Cory Beaudoin
William Vachon
Landon Olbright
Michael Rabe
Jonathan Bell
Justin Reichard
Scott Granacki
Lucas Hodgkins
Andrew Dimarca
James Goss
Michael Perry
Leszek Rompa
Adam Svenson
Chad Dowden
Michael Curran
Clyde Clark, Jr.
Justin Morrison
Matthew Zolla
Bernard Madore
Ernest Littlewood, IV
Richard Hunter
William McCarthy
Donald Ash
Melissa Young
Kyle Zingo
Johnathan Bulman
* Michael Geary
Brian Granacki
Nathan Oullette
Wendi Massaglia
Frank Gorman
Michael Mullen
John Pilvelis
David Bolton
Henry Miller, III
Robert Metts
Nathan Safron
Timothy Fahey
Marc-Damian Hartley
Anthony Rossignol
Brandon Page
Brian Kendall
Timothy Weaver
Kelsey-Lyn McNaney
Charles Occhipinti, III
James Erickson
Robert Lee
Joseph Bisson
Christopher Bouchard
Michael Denapoli
Michael Hamlin
Michael  Desrosiers
Aaron Chapple
Abel Emanuelli
Michael Massaglia
Ryan Scheibert
Jeremy Dugan
Thomas Healy
Stephen Langelier, Jr.
Daniel Cervantes
Christopher Settle

* died in service

A complete list of transcribed honor rolls 

See the list of Derry WW1 veteran's from the memorial honor roll

Derry's veterans of Lebanon, Panama, Granada and the Persian Gulf Wars 

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  1. I know this is important, and you are good to post it. But Iraq and Afghanistan are such very, very sad wars. Heartbreaking.

  2. My son Michael J. Butka also served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He did not get his name and paper work in before they erected the memorial. He graduated Pinkerton Academy in 1999. He continues to serve our country and recently deployed overseas.